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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Corpus Christi 1..

My sister is the intelligent sister...kinda like the Elsa of the family (with her long, braided hair and all(except the color is off)...and is a fantastic LSSP...licensed school psychologist...therefore, she has annual CEU's to get done and a member of TASP..or was..or is..i can't exactly remember now..haha! So, when she started having kids..the conferences/childcare just started coming with her. I remember the first one she had after having Brady...he and I spend a few days in the Omni hotel hanging out..haha! But, now that we both have multiple kids...and they started being in CC...we all just pile in together and have a little mini vaca...come early so casey can play and enjoy and then we continue to play while she conferences...:) 

We met casey at the lake tuesday night (me, mom and all the kids came from midland together) and then wed morning we headed to corpus...but stopped in fredericksburg...lunch for the kids...and a little shopping and mommy drinks for the ladies! :) win-win! :)

we were packed in like sardines..but only fitting since we were traveling to the beach..

oh happy's beach day!

I remember getting TONS of candles from this shop growing up....and my hand dipped in wax too...(they no longer do that) but..they spotted a worker making a candle and thought that was pretty cool.

and who doesn't LOVE bubbles...and a fun bubble maker gun!

don't be's only a mask..haha..

ahhhh..mommy drink...


we put on a story on tape(or actually cd..haha) and a little while later..they were all asleep...including mom-mom! haha! 

it's no secret..i prefer to stop to tee-tee on the side of the road vs a gas station...well, this momma had to go...and of course..all the kids were asleep...but, i just couldn't hold it any, we found a side road to pull off...and naturally, all the kids wake up! HOW do kids know when you stop rocking them standing up..or when the car stops? it's all a mystery to me! course, everyone else had to go as well...then all of a sudden..when we had the last one out (sophi) I notice a motorcycle cop flagged a truck down and pulled them over, i tell sophi to hurry and get back in the's illegal right? i mean, she doesn't need a PI at the age of 4!, she gets back in (not exactly finished) and we hit the road. In our defense... once you get out of san antonio..there is absolutely nothing until you reach corpus..a long and boring stretch!

but, we finally made it! our view for the rest of the week..5 super excited kids....

since they had been in a car basically all day...they got a little beach time before dinner..of course, our lover of the beach, brady, thought he was in his swim trunks ready to tackle the waves..haha!

claire wasn't too sure at first..but just one minute of observing the others..and a little pep talk from big sis...she was ready to go...

had dinner again at Flannaigans...nice, kid friendly area for our crew

then out to the edge of the marina..

she looks so tiny in this pic..haha...

but, she's a big girl..:)

5 little monkey's climbing on the anchors...

and these strapping, muscular young lads..decided to sleep in just their out..i know those big muscles may intimidate! 
They are sleeping in mom-mom's room...along with Hanna...sure hope they really are sleeping! 

claire, sophi, casey and I are in our room...and snoozing is going on here..ha!

Better go to doubt, they will be ready to go, dressed and all, at the crack of dawn!

No plans but beach time tomorrow! :)

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