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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Beach Babes...

When it takes you 8 hours (even if it was divided into 2 days), 5 kids in tow, hear "mommy, mommy, mommy" by a certain 19M old a million and one have the right to get pics taken at your destination...even if you do have to bribe with a "treat."

Sadly, they aren't the best pics due to lighting..but i was in a big hurry b/c I had 5% left on my camera and unfortunately left my charger at, there was no time for setting changes...haha! 

My 3 little darlings....

and the real personalities of them all...all of which were not guided poses...but super natural...which makes this picture below 100% PERFECT!!!! lol., sweet, Hanna: Sass in a bottle...(pink, sparkle bottle of course) and Claire..missy prissy...since she DOES WHATEVER Hanna Does! (not going to lie..i'm a littler nervous).

My Handsome little boy!

We were trying to get sophia a pose down...she's not the easiest person to photograph..ha! and claire saw us (my mom and I) and she totaled up to the water and started getting her pose on..she was cracking us up..all the while, yelling, "Hanna, Hanna, wash" (aka Watch) She was soooo proud of herself and wanted her big sis to see her! She looks up to hanna so much! Im fact, I was worried she would grow up to despise hanna b/c she's always up in her space...but thankfully, it's the complete opposite and Claire is almost lost without her. If I can't help claire immediately...she always calls on Hanna...and then Ty! lol! 

Sweet, funny, always smiling (and talking) Claire Bear! 

Miss Thang..wasn't in the mood for pics when it came time for individuals...but, sure enough right before my camera died....she busted out a few poses! and, that's the Hanna I know and love! 

Sassy with a sweet side!

these 5 have the sweetest friendships...and built in playmates...
goodness...brady is insanely tall for a newly 6 year old...but, this pic makes him look like a big ole giant!  haha!

our gentle giant, brady bear...and ever imaginative, bull in a china cabinet, Sophia!

Sophi, working it! haha!

I chose the arms behind the head pose for her b/c her mommy has one JUST.LIKE.THAT when she was probably that sister is actually quite the model! :) hehe!

 We had such a wonderful trip..made it home this afternoon and within 5 minutes my kids are bored and wanting someone to constantly play with them....they are going to miss their built-in playmates for the past 3 weeks.! haha!

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