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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Back to the Sandhills..

When we went to the Sandhills a few weeks ago, Brady was still in, now that he is officially a Kinder graduate and on summer break and he's been with us this week, we went back to the sandhills so he could experience it...I'm an equal opportunist! haha!
My sister was here but left for San Antonio thursday, so, it was just me and the kids(trav and grandpa were in golf tournaments and mom mom was running errands trying to get ready for our trip next week)...and we had a great time! 
We got there shortly after it opened...we didn't start off great..once we got there, we all piled out and went inside to pay and rent discs...well, i didn't realize i had to fill out a paper BEFORE getting to the after waiting in line for a good 15-20 min...(everyone in front of us were camping..and took them a lot longer to sign in)...we get to the counter, only to be sent back to the end of the line to fill out renter info...ugh! so, filled that out in about 5 sec...(something I could have done at the desk)...and we proceeded to wait again...30 min later...and a potty break...we were at the hill! ...moral of the story..if you go to the sandhills..make sure you fill out a rental form before making your way up to counter! haha! (last time i didn't go inside..i stayed in car with kids while friend took care of it).

Being a saturday I was a little worried of a crowd...but, we went to the same little spot we went to last time (the pump jack) b/c that was a perfect little hill for the kids! There were just 2 other families there..but we all just had our own space on the hill and it worked great! we had a little picnic towards the end, girls ate their lunch and boys just had a snack....which was perfect for me, b/c i knew the girls, or at least hanna and claire, would crash once in the car! so, they got their lunch down and the boys ate theirs in the car ride home....while all the girls slept! haha!

brady had a great time as well as all the others..hanna got brave and went down by herself...but really just enjoyed rolling down the hill! haha! (as did the others). Claire would even just scoot herself down the hill..haha! 

After 2 hours, it was time to leave...brady and ty could have stayed all day...but, claire was needing a nap and my thighs were burning enough! ha! 

fun memories! 

here we go!

tried to get a cousin pic..but claire didn't like being separated from me! ha! #thestruggleisreal

boys went up and down, up and down...they had to be so worn out! (but never showed it).

claire stayed at the base and just played with the sand for awhile...but hated when i went up without, she went up with me the rest of the time.

sophi and brady going down..he's such a great big brother and cousin...

best buds..

ready, set, go!

sophia decided to hold on to ty's disc and slide down..haha...the good thing about if you's a soft landing!

brady trying new tricks...belly style!

hurricane hanna rolling down..

about the dirtiest he'll get! haha.

selfie at the top of the hill...

then, unbeknownst to me, hanna took some selfies looks, like she has it down...

lunch time...

hanna went on brady's was pretty cute and funny..

then sophia tried..

before I could even return our discs..claire was already crashed..

successful trip! it's definitely a workout! but seeing all the smiles and hearing all the laughter makes it so worth it! :)

until next time!

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