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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ty's Pre-k graduation...

The day I have dreaded for years...yes, for years I have teared up on the K word...travis makes fun of me..but, he also knows how hard it was. I mean, I was a basket case on Ty's first day of MDO at, of course, I will follow suit come Aug 18! But, let's not talk about that..instead let's focus on Ty's wonderful year of the yellow door class! We have been at First United Methodist for 2 years now and can not say more greater adjectives about it...we have loved it...and will continue as the girls will remain there! 

But, this big guy just loves school..and I contribute a lot to his teacher..she is AMAZING! we will definitely miss her next year! 

Tuesday, they had Pre-k Graduation..and it was a BIG DEAL...I am soooo grateful for the MDO and church Staff for making it so special for the kids and families!

They walked down the middle isle to the graduation song, Sang several songs (Showing off the knowledge they have learned) and then got called up one by one to receive their diploma. It was so cute..I cried several times then..and actually am tearing up now as I type! WHY???? haha! 
Afterwards, they held a reception in the parlor that had all kinds of food and gifts for the kids. IT was super sweet and special! So proud of my little boy and could't be happier God chose me as his Mommy! 

He will miss the yellow door classroom..and his friends as they have been together for 2 years..and even his teacher called them a "Family" b/c they are around each other so much! I love that and will miss that!

they had the cutest decorations..

Hanna got to attend the ceremony while Claire stayed in her class but got to attend the reception..

proud parents!

I can.not.wait to see what the Lord has in store for TY! (but, at snail speed would be great). ha!

his illustrated portrait..:) 

where there is a party...claire is all about it!

cake for morning snack...why not!

our little graduate!

sister back in her favorite!

mom-mom got to come watch...and next year Ty will attend Midland Academy Charter with her in the fall! We are excited about that!

We will miss this teacher! she is soon great!

sisters supporting their big bro...and of course, enjoying the snacks! ha!

ty's best buds...again, we will miss everyone next year as they all go different ways to kinder.

and then on a beautiful, non-sunny, cold day...we had a pre-k swim party! haha! 
but, they couldn't have cared less..we parents were cold and not even in the freezing water..but, their shivers carried on and they swam on ! ha!

such a fun group! 

On of the (many) scary things I fear about the group of friends Ty will have, He has been so lucky with the greatest group of friends (and parents for me)..that I pray that continues and he makes more friends...b/c these are lifelong friends..but, I hope and pray he has a good group of school friends that become the same lifelong friends too! My daily prayer! :)

WE love you Ty Lankford Roby and are sooooo very proud of you! 

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