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Monday, May 18, 2015

State Track and Fractured Bones...

My little cousin (my Cousins' daughter) a sophomore in HS, made it back to the State Track, once family packed up and went to cheer her on! 

Me, the kids and my mom went Thursday after the kids ate their lunch at dad met us there that night (he was already in Austin for work), my sister and kids got there friday afternoon and Travis ended up flying in friday afternoon as well! Our family alone gave her a big cheer squad...but my aunt, my other cousin( her aunt) and her fam, and of course, her parents and brother (and GF) came as, she no doubt, had the biggest crowd..and the stands knew exactly who we were cheering for.haha..all the practice we had with the kids came to life..they represented well..with the constant.. "GOOOO FAITH"..haha! even if she didn't hear us..everyone else there did! haha!
We had a minor hiccup this year as friday night Ty ended up fracturing his wrist...but that didn't stop us from having a great time...that story TBC later...

Friday morning/afternoon, us girls shopped...and Ty and my dad..did guy things! ha! and each group had a great time. 

Saturday, was track meet day...where we cheered Faith on to a GOLD medal.

Faith ended up winning the 400...with 55.7 sec and caught her team up in the mile relay to get 3rd! She's a fast little girl and no doubt..we will be watching her in college..but she still has 2 more years in HS! she is fun to watch...she's super competitive and always finds a new gear to get a W! 

It was a fun trip..and we can't wait to go back next year! This year it wasn't as hot as last year..b/c it was overcast...but, don't get it twisted (yes, I watch too much of RHOA) was still super hot and humid! she always runs in the middle of the day...and although the spectators are hot..I can't imagine running (especially long distances) in that! WHEW! 

Baylor now holds a track meet for all the gold medalists and they all race against each other.. 1A-6A! 
We wish we could watch her in that meet...b/c according the papers she was just a sec off from 6A Gold (she's at a 2A school), we know if someone pushes her more she could win that as well...but, we have a 4 year old bday party to attend! so, we can't wait to hear how she does there! 

I love this pic of claire..her new favorite person, ariel...and she napping! 

friday morning, dad took Ty and the went and piddled and meet my cousin and wife for lunch! Ty would throw chips into the water and about a dozen fish and turtles would just attack them. My dad sent a video of it and it was quite disgusting! haha! but, poor turtles..were never fast enough!

and the girls enjoying our outing...

we've learned that bringing food to room is just easiest for our, we stopped by Trader Joes for some grocery shopping...I've always seen posts of friends kids and their shopping, I girls can finally do something fun while getting groceries...ha! 
I was scared to death claire was going to take down the canned glass goods...and then Hanna didn't always want to push hers...but, some how, we got out of there without breaking anything...ha! 

we did the typical..We went to target for 2 things...ha! oops! It was a REALLY GREAT Super we got a little distracted! ha!

always fun with cousins...and they came out of their room practicing for field day! ha! 

my sister and I shared a 2 bedroom suite and my parents had their own, the kids shared the room with the 2 doubles...until Hanna feel asleep and then I moved her in king bed with me..(claire was in crib beside us) and then my sister slept with Sophi and Trav slept on sofa bed one night and next night he decided that wasn't too comfy and came in bed with me! ha! (hanna slept on the floor in a pallet).

How cute are they..

Friday mom, sister and I had gone back out to shop...and while we were gone apparently my nephew accidentally jumped on Ty's arm while they were in bed..see pic above! Trav said it hurt ty then...but couldn't tell if he was just tired and being over sensitive....or if it really hurt..
so, in the middle of the night..Ty came out of the room crying and complaining of his arm hurting...So, travis wakes me up and tells me to come look at ty's arm...(I had no clue any of this had happened at this point), i learn of the story..check him out..get an ice pack and ty falls back asleep. 
The next morning (sat)..he wakes up and still is complaining..I do some more tests and realize it's his wrist..not his arm..
He was barely able to squeeze my hand..could only move fingers a little..and could absolutely not turn his hand over. he sat in my lap for awhile and I just poked around seeing if I could get a reaction..and when I lifted his wrist or tried to turn it tears came we knew something was really wrong. My sister found an ER around the corner...who even took call ahead, we made one for 8 and headed out. It was a very nice facility and we were the only ones there. The DR came back and initially thought it was broken by the look of it...but, after doing some percussion did not get a rise out of Ty that would be expected had it been broken. So, a little confused he ordered an X-ray (which could not have been more traumatic for Ty or me...he was just bawling and yelling, "mommy, mommy". It was seriously the hardest doubt he was in so much pain the way he was having to position his arm. Brought tears to my eyes!   Nothing came back broken..but a little fracture on the growth plate! he ordered a cast to help immobilize, correct it straight, and a sling to help hold his arm. They gave him some ibuprofen beforehand to help..and I wish it was codeine they gave. ha!
He was super tough...but, it took awhile to calm down and realize it was going to be ok..and the cast is SUPER COOL! 
my sweet baby boy...the thumb and snuggie were in full force all morning..and i typically don't allow him to take snuggie places...but, this was an exception! :(

they were fast and we were back at hotel within the all dressed and headed to the track meet! tough little boy! never complained once! 
and b/c he was so great..he got to get Minecraft on his kindle! I had always told him he had to pay for it with his own money....but, with all this was our treat! :)

He started out strong at ER

and just went downhill from there...ha.

finally rallied..and is actually a lot better left handed than I thought..he is doing great!

all cleaned up..tear free..and headed to state! TEAM FAITH

this pic has a funny story...Hanna is a poser.. I am use to it..FULL OF SASS! well, I just wanted to get a quick pic of their shirts before heading into stadium (could't find green in claire's size)..
so, I said, "y'all stop and smile real quick" Naturally, hanna posses..and 2 african american ladies stop and got the biggest kick out of her, "oooohhh, look at her and that pose..momma just said smile and she get that hand out..ohhhh! she know how to do it girl"  lol...they were cracking me up! it was so funny!  miss sassy pants.

our kids actually really enjoy watching..and cheered on many kids. 

6,5,4,3,3,18M,15M (claire not pictured)

she was stuck on my sister...she LOVES "say-sey")...not going to lie...i like when my sister is around for multiple reasons..but, i kinda get a break with Claire..b/c claire wants to be with casey all.the.time! 
such a great aunt!

Faith is in lane 6..she can fly!

and she's the winner..she did so awesome.

bath time could not come sooner for us all...we were all sweaty and fact, claire had fallen asleep on me towards the end...and after watching the mile relay and carrying to the car...after I put her in the carseat...i realized the part of my shirt where she was laying was soaked! ha! 

brushing hair is grandpa's speciality..when my sister and I were little he would brush our hair after bath section at a time..would take awhile..but never hurt..and my sister who is severely tender headed never, it was always his job!
so, his grand daughters get the treatment too!

and with hanna...there is always a little gymnastics/cheer/dance involved!

our designated breakfast table..1) it was big enough 2) away from crowds so people could enjoy their meals! ha!

best buds..showing that their shorts are the same just different colors! haha..silly boys!

Ty had a follow up appt today with our pedi..and she referred us to an orthopedic dr, we see him wed morning..she didn't unwrap his cast in case it could be, she wants us to keep it on until ortho appt! 

while we were there..claire was hacking, since we were there, Dr looked at her and put her back on breathing treatments for a month! boo! she may or may not have spiked a fever today...but, gave her meds...and oils..and praying she's ok to attend school in morning...b/c i would really like her to be in class during Ty's pre-k graduation! ha! (insert momma tears here).

can't wait to hear what dr says wed....but, so not excited about more X-rays! i'm already having anxiety about that...haha! 

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