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Friday, May 1, 2015

Spring Tball...

This season Ty was a member of the Hooks Tball team with 14 of his friends....yes, a 15 member tball team...and guess who got to coach them..yup, Coach Travis. Although it was a big team...we had so much fun spending every monday and thursday night, for the past 5 weeks, with our friends! It was a super fun season with great kids and parents. The boys did great and actually got a few outs! ha! they play 3 innings and that third inning is always a doozy...the attention is focused on rocks, sand and typically anything but baseball..and the, that's a whole other story! ha! but, since all the boys are friends it made sitting on the bench very difficult...but so fun seeing them have a great time together! 
This is Ty's 3 season to play and it's been fun watching him mature..and truly understand the game. He never hit it over the fence for a new 4wheeler (haha) daddy promised...but, he always got on base...and that was just as good!  :) 
Coach Travis, like always, did a great job...and nice he had 2 helpers to assist. they are a good team and the boys are lucky to have 3 great coaches! 

I'm so proud of my  little ball player and will always be his biggest fan!! :) (even if I do cheer for my "ty baby" which I have been instructed not to call him...ooops! hehe).

My little slugger...5 years old!

Name: Ty Roby
Age: 5
Weight: 43 lbs
Height: 43" 
Fav position: catcher, pitcher
fav food: pizza 

If only i could be a fly on that helmet...father/son talk on first base!

not only am I his biggest fan..but Ty's 2 little sisters never missed a game..they were always there cheering him on or...climbing trees, fences, playing! ha! 
My little monkeys...

Ty likes all the positions..naturally, like any other tball player, first and pitcher are his favorites...b/c that's who gets the ball..haha..
but, actually he really likes catcher! 
#7 on the field..#1 in my heart! :)

It was a fun season, but the 6 weeks has come and gone...actually 5 weeks, but we'll be in DW the last week so, he'll miss. 

Until next long, Tball games!  :)

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