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Friday, May 8, 2015

Roby's Do DW..Day 4- morning...

First off, I have to say, I am super thankful for technology...b/c without it..these pictures wouldn't exist. My battery was about to be I had to charge it before uploading pics..and the next day, I realized I didn't have the morning pics on my camera..b/c I had deleted them before uploading. so, I was able to download a program that recovered my pics off my SD card with a little fee! ;) PHEW! 

Anywho...back to WDW..Day 4..back to Magic Kingdom...

Before going to DW..thanks to pinterest...I had read several blogs..and one had mentioned this morning show at Magic Kingdom that started 15-20 minutes before the gates, since our crew was up and ready...we went early to the park to see the train bring some characters in...
It was super cute and I hightly recommend seeing least once! Definitely gets you into the are there first and the park isn't crowded at all...

This was actually our only sighting of Minnie...besides the parades...

 Granddaddy came with us...and Gamy stayed with ashley's crew since baby elly was still was a tough few days for all..but especially a 4 month, like the phrase goes..never wake up a sleeping baby..

Claire loved it...her infamous DW pose..the finger point!

faces say it all...

 photo cred...TY! :)

since we were there first...and ty was the only one in the kid group tall enough to ride Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain...we went there first! 
and since we were literally the only ones back there..he rode it twice and then went over to splash mountain! 

Girls waited...since we had all the workers undivided attention...we got lots of pics..haha!
Hanna loves dancing, that's no secret, but seeing several shows that of course, have ballet type dancers and moves..she seriously, would dance her way through the park..and airport! lol.

after ty's was the girls the ariel ride...but we noticed meeting ariel was only a 10 minute we jumped in line! once again, Hanna was in awe! and since she was wearing her ariel scored her more points! haha! 
Claire actually LOVED arial..and kept waving and shouting, "hi Ariel" but of course, had to be held in order to take a pic!
once leaving...claire stood there and just waved and yelled, "bye, ariel"...and I finally had to drag her out of there...apparently she liked her! lol.

now to the ariel ride...

then over to Dumbo...always a fav!

while the girls went to ride Barnstormer with Ty...since it's the one roller coaster that they are tall enough to and Elly watched!

My little niece, time!

Ty and trav..

Hanna and Gamy are somewhere on this said, hanna loved it!

one of the pics I couldn't recover was of them going through the sign...bummer!

this one didn't recover all the way either...but you get the gist..
Father and his kids!

hopped on the train for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride..but since the girls were napping...everyone went and I watched them!

On our train ride..we say woody and, when we were walking to our next fastpass ride..we stopped for a pic! 

then it was the Buzz ride...Hanna was sleeping, Ash stood back with she and elly!

once again, Travis got high score...
but, Cliare LOVED this ride..and wouldn't let me help her, I just took pics! :) perfect for me!

Perfect pic of our ride...travis completely serious..and I'm just tagging along! lol.

Ty got after it too!

Before we got on the buzz ride I saw Buzz Lightyear himself in a character I asked the worker how long he would be there...and she told me he was leaving but would return at, that worked out perfectly for, after our ride..since hanna was still sleeping and we had a shaded area...we just hung tight for 30 minutes and were first in line to see buzz! during our wait...we found, ty met him as well!

buzz had a personal stamp for his autograph...

after buzz...we headed back to the hotel...for a little rest and dinner before heading back to the park for the nightime electrical parade!

magic Kingdom day 4, To Be continued...

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