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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Roby's do DW day 3...

Today was Hollywood Studio day...although there weren't many rides we had a super busy day seeing all our favorite characters...Which makes it a fun see their faces light up. it was a packed day and we probably still didn't get it all in...but, when the kids are done..they are done! They have been absolute troopers...we are at the park at 9 and leave about 3-4ish! so, that's a full day, out in the sun with no naps with 5 kids 5 and under! so, they have done extremely well! only a few meltdowns but not any in the park! :)

When we arrived, we bolted it towards the back of the park to ride Woody's ride...a favorite from our last trip and definitely geared towards Ty! It's a shooting type, it really is fun! Hanna rode with me and played while I took pics of trav and ty, gamy, granddaddy and Claire..the vogts were directly behind me so i couldn't get any of them! but, it was a fun ride.

After that we started heading towards our next stop...Frozen Sing Along...but, on our way we saw a photo op with Cinderella's carriage..and our processes had to get a pic. 

then it was Frozen time..and it brought back to gazing stare for Hanna...she was back in her trance..Sang EVERY.SINGLE.SONG and danced to Let it Go! She seriously was in character...and when Elsa made her appearance and sang, Let it Go..hanna was just in awe and i wonder what was going on in her head! sweet moments. Claire enjoyed it at first..but nap time decided it sounded, she was out! Ty, of course, knows all the songs (don't let him fool you) but he played it cool and when Kristoff came out he got excited! 

After we were covered in "snow" we, once again, bolted across the park for lunch...with Sophia, Handy Manny, Doc McStuffins and Jake! Hit for all the kids! They saw characters, danced, and had them sign autographs..all the while, we adults, pushed eating! haha! it was a fun lunch..but, wore me and trav out! haha!

Let see..after lunch we went and saw Lightening McQueen and Mador for Ty...and then saw the Disney Jr show...with the same characters from lunch. cute show. 
then as luck would have it...we managed to squeeze into the current showing of The Little Mermaid...and watched that little show! 

We were realizing the kids were on their last fumes and looking tired..we went to see Beauty and the Beast and then called it a day! 

It was actually my birthday, so my MIL made a cake and got little sombrero hats and we had a little dinner party! 
shortly after were down...half of the adults..and I will be heading there shortly!

fun day..but we still have one more day! :)

all aboard the stroller to race to the woody ride!

made it through the mass of people and didn't have to wait too long..

Trav set the record for the day! such a stud!

my little other one..didn't seem to like the characters or the carriage!

so, prince daddy intervened....aaaahhh!

Frozen sing a long! pretty cute and quite comical (for the adults)...

what claire doesn't know is behind her..won't hurt her! :)

they had little dance sessions with the characters....

bday cupcake 

guy time..

miss independent.

then a conga line around the restaurant..claire got into the action...

and danced...

hanna is LOVING having all her "princesses only" sign her frame..and was super excited when Doc McStuffins drew a bandaid next to her name...she thought that was sooooooo cool! haha!
(side note..when Handy Manny came to our table and Ty was having him sign his book..then Handy went to hanna and gestured for her frame..she held it so tightly to her chest I thought she was going to break the, I politely told Handy that only princesses are allowed." and he got a kick out of that! haha! OH, Hanna!

perfect pic of their personalities...pirates/ninja's and princesses...our house would describe that as well!

disney jr show...where there is music..she will dance...

alligator chomp!

it was minnie's bday and they audience was told to say, "surprise" to minnie...and Hanna did this...she was excited! haha.

entering the Ariel show...

one of Hanna's favorites! 

last entertainment of the and the beast! 

claire's position in every show...

we were leaving and hanna wanted a pic in front of this mickey....i'm so proud! lol.

bday party! Ole!

after several failed attempts of trying to get the oven to light a piece of paper to light the bday candle..a trip to the "minnie-van" to look for a lighter-which was unsuccessful, I finally talked travis into just letting it go...and we had a pretend flame! but, thanks babe, for trying! haha!

The green army man went to sign try's book and noticed ty had drawn a pic for Handy to sign and Jake drew a, he couldn't be, he drew an army man! haha! Ty was so very excited! how cute was that!

Hanna has napped everyday in the car ride back to hotel..Claire just depends..and ty never..but, today..i gave Ty the ole' "you don't have to sleep but you have to close your eyes" and sure enough, not a minute later, he was out! 3 sleeping kiddos on the ride back! short little nap..but, hey at least it was something!

until tomorrow...goodnight from DisneyWorld!

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