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Monday, May 4, 2015

Roby's do Disneyworld...Day 2...

First off...let me just say...EVERY WORKER at WDW is incredibly helpful and willing to take pics at any time...without them..I would not have at least half of these pics..We are doing to photopass...but, still nice to have some on our own, thank you Disney workers! :)

Ok...on to Day, 2!
Animal Kingdom day..and my MIL we celebrated with a donald duck and gang breakfast...we saw, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Mickey! The kids loved it and as parents it's fun to see their reaction! After taking tons of pics with them...We filled up our belly's and headed to our next adventure in Africa,...the Safari Ride...
That was awesome. It was like a glorified zoo visit that drove you through! was really neat seeing all the animals...we all loved it..but especially, Claire! she was pointing, ooh-ing and aah-ing! Ty had fun just spotting them first..;)..and hanna just enjoyed it all! 

After that...we saw the big Gorilla (of course, with some pics) and then enjoyed a little conga drumming and dancing! 

Then it was off to The Lion King was really cool though..It's truly amazing how much work and production goes into everything at WDW! 
Timon came up into the stands and had one on one interaction with Ty...and got a great big hug! That was pretty cool! I just thought Hanna couldn't be more amazed by anything like, Elsa, but the acrobats and ballet dancer proved me wrong! She was in a dead stare..she loved it! (Trav and I are just scared she's going to go home and try and re-create those moves on our swings)...scary thought! 
Claire loved it too and just clapped along! It was a hit for all ages.

After that, we saw the Finding Nemo Musical! super cute as well! Hanna really liked the Jellyfish(haha)...and of course, Ty loves the turtles, Crush and squirt! but, pretty sure claire enjoyed it the most as she napped on travis! ha! 

40 minutes later we found Dino-land and cruised through there to the Dinosaur ride (like dumbo and magic carpet) so,...always a winner!  
we did that a couple of times and then headed back home. Hanna, once again napped in our "minnie- van" (haha..get original)..claire had a dance party to the music and ty just listened to learn the words! 

Once at the hotel we spent time at the pool before coming up to room, eating, bathing and then went to an ice cream shop (at the hotel) and had dessert! It was a gorgeous night..and so we took advantage of the amenities and played corn hole, ping-pong and pool! 

A fun day...and everyone is in bed early! :)

Pics are not in hang tight...but fitting to the wild ride of animal kingdom..

the "must do" pic in front of the big tree!

family pic before eating with donald and gang!

first up...goofy!

and then donald...all which signed Ty's book!! 

claire still only will get in a pic if someone holds her! ha

then mickey...

of course, claire and hanna REALLY loved them and became super brave..from afar..usually when leaving! haha.

how sweet was this mickey to my little neice!

walking along the park...there is music, naturally, claire always busts a move!

one of the giraffes we saw on safari ride...

soooo excited...I mean, we live in midland! ha!

mr. Gorilla just having a snack..

ty got to beat on the conga drum..he loved that! my music loving little boy!

The Lion King show! super cool...

the gaze!

in front of mount everest!

entering Dino territory!

This picture cracks me up...yup, those to are mother, like daughter!! hahaha.

ty demolished the breakfast buffet...

hugs from Timon at the The Lion King show...


claire watched with Gamy and Granddaddy...

dessert at the Ice Cream shop...

Such a fun day....but, i, myself am about to hit the hay....we have a big day tomorrow at Hollywood studios..and I age in, kinda like a  double whammy...hope I can keep up! lol!

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