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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Roby's do 1...

After Hanna's dance recital we grabbed a quick bite for lunch before heading to the airport to catch our flight! We had a connecting flight in, the first airplane ride went amazing...that hour was so great...everyone was perfect. the layover was like 2 once we got there, played at the playroom area and had dinner it was time to board the next plane that took us to Orlando! That flight was a little more challenging with Claire since we took off at 6:30 and ...Hanna finally fell asleep the last 15 minutes but Ty held strong..did great on the plane and even helped carry, "his own" suitcase! (normally, I pack all kids together..but this trip Ty got his own..and he thinks it is super cool..even if it is a zebra suitcase..haha). 
We got our rental car (sporting the minivan) and got to the hotel around 10ish..i think! it was late..that 's all I remember! The kids got to say hi and chat for a few minutes with their Gamy and Granddaddy and aunt ashley and uncle brian..and then they all CRASHED! 

Sunday, we woke up, had a breakfast cooked by Uncle Brian...and then made it to Magic Kingdom right as the doors were opening....This time we are staying at the Marriott Grande Vista..just about 10 miles or so from Disney Property...actually, a very easy our minivan! :)

We had a full and busy..yet, extremely fun day, of seeing Mickey, visiting and seeing many princesses (Cinderella, Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa)...along with all of them in the parade. 
We rode several rides...peter pan, (about mid-way through that ride hanna decided she wasn't too fond)... Carousel ride, it's a small world (Claire absolutely loved that..Hanna also loved the hula girls)...had a little picnic lunch! Ty and Travis went and rode the 7 dwarf mine train while the girls went and did the fast pass to Rapunzel and Cinderella, and then noticed Anna and Elsa were only a 45 min, we went and stood in line..and an hour later (and a nap for claire)... jaws were dropping and eyes were glued to Princess Anna and Queen Elsa! Hanna was in heaven! 
It was definitely worth the wait! The one princess hanna and claire both actually know and love...we finally saw! It was awesome..and so fun to see their faces! 
After that ty finally got the courage to ride Splash mountain..not because of the big drop but b/c of the  fact he could get wet! my child who changes his clothes if a drop of water spills on him....
but, he did it and he LOVED it! Travis and Uncle brian rode that with him while the rest of the clan mapped out a spot for the Fantasy Parade...Hanna tried to go..but although her bow was high enough...her head was not!, she had to sit out! but, next time. 

 The fantasy parade was a hit and Ty liked seeing Peter Pan and the tick toc croc...and the fire roaring dragon...and hanna of course loved seeing all the princesses...and Claire just loved it all! everyones arms must be hurting from waving so much! 

After the parade...we rode the magic carpet ride...and then called it a day...9-4 was a full, exciting day at DW and the kids were ready for a nap!  :) 
Claire and Hanna slept most of the way back..another perk of staying off property...the car ride would get any kid! ha!

We are doing crockpot meals every, it's nice to just come back, have dinner ready, kids can play and eat..and we have no where to go..just hang out! 

Magic Kingdom, Day 1...

 Mickey telling us a joke..."what did Minnie tell the clerk when she went to buy new fingernail polish?....just put it on my bill" hahahahaha! That mickey, he's a funny one!

don't think claire took her eyes off mickey!
And actually, Ty says seeing Mickey was his favorite thing! :)

we stumbled upon a show with majority of characters at the Castle..and everyone loved that!

Hanna seeing the princess for the first time....IN COMPLETE AWE!! sooo sweet!

Claire was just excited to get out of stroller!

at the end of the show...fireworks...

love my kiddos soooooo very much!

Even Ty's muscles couldn't pull out the sword!!!

Princess time...first up, Rapunzel...

Hanna and Claire both have a mat frame for the princesses to sign...and hanna loved having them sign! ;)
Ty has a big book of all characters that he's getting signed!

then cinderella!

Anna....claire would only see them if I went, girl pic! haha.

if you want your kids to listen and obey...have elsa come over! Hanna didn't even want to leave..she probably could have stayed all day! her dream finally came true!

biggest hug ever...

The boys on splash mountain...

having a snack before the parade...

Not sure Hanna could have yelled louder for Anna and Elsa...

high fives for ty and jimminie cricket...

 Claire's high five for mickey!

carousel ride...

girls helping ty...still no luck.

elsa pose

mine dudes, right there!

carpet ride. 
Ty and Hanna wanted to drive the, me and claire took the backseat.

ran into a great family..and the crew we did disney with 2 years ago...(but only half are here this time)...

Such a fun, fun day....tomorrow is Animal Kingdom!

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