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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day...

"For This Child I have Prayed"

There is nothing more rewarding(or scary) in my life than being a mom...and God blessed me with 3 precious babies...whom I love "to the moon and back..."to china and back," "to katy, midland, abilene and back" "to heaven and back"...although my kids have great ideas..they will never nail it! 

On mother's day, i was greeted with breakfast in Ty! Momma Hanna, waited in bed with me to be served..haha..along with Claire. 
After eating my delicious waffle and fruit..we took an impromptu trip to the lake where we met my parents and sis and fam. 
We stayed a lot longer than planned but it was so nice and relaxing and fun just being able to parents had just come from fredericksburg so us moms, took advantage of the beautiful day and enjoyed a glass of wine! It was just a perfect afternoon and so nice being with my sister and mom on that day. 

since we got home later than anticipated..we came home and got kids ready for bed and then travis went and picked up our outback to go.  :) no dishes for either of us..haha! well played travis, well played! haha! 

It was a lovely day and so grateful and blessed that I get to celebrate Mother's day!

Maybe Ty will be a chef one day...such a beautiful presentation. :)

the "kids" got me a selfie stick...haha!
not going to's a lot of fun! 

my beautiful mom...who I hope to instill the same moral and values in my kids that she did for me and my sister....strongest and smartest woman I know!

mothers day crafts thanks to MDO...sooooo sweet! I look forward to these every year!
since we were gone to DW I missed the Muffins with, have yet to receive ty's gifts...but, I know he made some. :) 

Hanna also made me a flower pot! :) 

Love them all and could not be more proud to be their mommy! :)

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