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Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend...

How is it already the End of May? So crazy! so, that means we celebrated memorial day! Trav played golf and the kids and I swam at my parents with my mom, and niece. It poured this morning..but was an absolute gorgeous afternoon and evening. Perfect day for golf and the pool. Thankful for our service men and women who made that possible! :)

Sunday morning...

Sunday Afternoon...consisted of the pool as well...

 all meme needed was an umbrella drink and she was set! haha

Monday....Ty and his drum set! :) boxes were drums and giraffe was symbols... :)

back to the pool....this little one WILL.NOT.STAY.OFF.DIVINGBOARD! she LOVES to jump off..but i don't like the fact of her doing it by herself, that means, i usually camp out at board until I make everyone go to shallow so I can have a break! haha..but, doesn't last long as she makes her way back! ha!

Sophi is with us for the week so, she's starting her summer out pretty fun too! poor brady and casey had to stay in abilene for their last week of school!
chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool...(is that

my little daredevil water bug
What the big kids do...she will too!

Hope the week continues with this beautiful weather..all the rain is wonderful but some areas are getting pounded and flooding...all the families who have lost family members and homes are in our thoughts and prayers! I can't even imagine! 

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