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Friday, May 1, 2015

End of swim lessons..

4 months and 3 pairs of goggles for hanna (apparently we couldn't keep up with them), later...we are done with swim lessons..

hanna finished on level 2 and ty on level 5! hanna is swimming on her own but I wouldn't say I am as confident as she is in letting her swim by herself. She has been jumping of the diving board and swimming to the side at my parents pool...but, thanks to the Sandlot movie, (which she watched after swimming in my parents pool) she learned people can drown..haha! glad of the whole movie, she took that lesson home! haha! 
But, she's definitely doing good and ready to swim with her this summer. 2 out of floaties and 1 to go! ha! 

Ty is doing great...just a little fish. I put him back in lessons for he's really got freestyle stroke down and back stroke. 
I just wanted them to learn safety and know their limits..and I feel we accomplished that! 

It's going to be weird not having swim lessons every monday and wed morning...but, pretty sure, we'll enjoy it! haha.

Hanna also finished her thursday intro to cheer and tumble, it's like a freeing time..haha! 
on her last class..ty got to join since there was only a couple of girls...and he loved it..mainly b.c he didn't have to sit in waiting area. He did it all but the cheer jump part, and he politely asked, " is it ok if I don't do this..i don't want to." lol! 

Hanna has her dance recital tomorrow and that's pretty much the end of that class....soooo...

swim over-check
tball over-check
cheer over-check
dance over-check...

wow..we are not going to know what to do with our free! but, guarantee we manage! 
Bring on summer! 

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