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Monday, May 11, 2015

Claire is 18M..

On May, 4th..our little baby turned 18M...

Claire is as sweet as they come and sure does lover her mommy to hold her...constantly...after she pushes all my hair away and pulls my shirt aside..and then likes to put her face on my shoulder and stick her thumb in her mouth! 

Took her for a check up today...and, although she's a little scared from her frequent trips to the dr...even weighing and measuring has become, the nurse does her best...but, not quite sure how accurate they are..but, it's the best she can do!

At 18M Claire weighs 23 lb 2 oz (32%) and is 30.5" tall (18%)...she's going to be little and petite like her sister. 

She loves to climb, jump, read books, (where is baby's belly is still a favorite), baby dolls, say prayers, play in dirt, DANCE, play with friends, swim, swing and do everything by herself! Independence started young since she wants to be like ty and hanna!

Favorite foods are: fruit, fruit snacks (when we have them), applesauce pouches, yogurt, and usually will eat whatever we have for dinner! 

She has all her teeth in..but the last 2 are cut but still aren't fully in yet...and they seem to really be giving her her fingers are constantly in her mouth! 

Has added more words to her vocab...with our recent trip to DW..she knows, Elsa, Anna, Ariel, Donald, Minnie...and says 2 word phrases, "Let's go", "don't know""yes ma'am" "thank you"" mon" aka..come one, , etc...and will repeat anything you say! and sometimes she just gets on tangents..and we have no idea at all what she is saying, but she is just talking up a storm. 

She makes us laugh and usually greets people with a big ole smile.  Such a happy girl who just keeps up with Big bro and sis..and has several bruises to prove it! :) 
oh..and loves puppies...:)

where there is dirt..she will find it! :)

hair and shirt out of the way. = head down for claire!

LOVES the trampoline...and can't wait to get into gymnastics

Love hearing from her crib every morning, "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy...up"
and although she may cry until I pick her up...I love holding her...I seriously think the reason God gave me small b/c they like to be held so much! haha! 

Love you Claire Bear!

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