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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Baseball and Birthday...

Saturday we got to see Brady's last game of his first baseball season! He did awesome. and let me just say...their fields are sooo nice (way better than ours) and it was actually very enjoyable to watch...they actually played a game.! haha! He did so good and was so excited we were there to cheer him on....and later that afternoon celebrated Sophi's 4th bday...and then headed back to midland to see torrential rain, flooded street and super high winds! It's always nice seeing rain...but 52 degrees at the end of may is just crazy! ha! It was a fun 24 hours and never a dull moment with these 5!

Friday, we got there in time for the crew to get Brady...It started out just my sister and ty going to pick him up...then my meme joined..then hanna...and once sophi realized it was just me, her and claire..she wanted to, quickly, she ran to get her shoes(aka rain boots) on...she was already sporting the elsa dress (hanna was anna) and in the rush she forgot she was wearing the helmet...but, I let her express her individualism and she kept it on....not one person passed us without making a nice comment about how cute she looked! 
and this is why we love our Sophi Girl....she has a huge imagination and always keeps you entertained!
brady's posse!

I've mentioned before...but, it's so true..whenever my sister is around..Claire only wants to be with, it was not even ok to be separated from her for just a picture...

claire got in on the safety action..and was actually anna majority of the time in abilene as well! (she is going to be just like hanna! eeeekkk haha).

we hadn't even made it to the car thursday before ty was asking to do his homework his teacher had given them for the summer!, when he saw my sisters new computer and educational "games" he was all over it...

and hanna adores "my brady"

not many people i'll be out the door at 8:00 for on a saturday morning...but my nephew is definitely one of them...and where there is girls are sure to find it! such good helpers...ha!

sweetest little boys who still ask to sit by me..hope that never changes! 


Go Sundevils #11! 

sophi, warrior princess....

he hit the ball great everytime...

but..that 3rd inning after brady batted..the kids found the sand...ha!

Brady is such a great big cousin and got Ty an after game snack too! so nice! ty was super excited!

the kids had their eye on the playground the whole afterwards we went to play...claire couldn't run fast enough!h haha.

Later was Sophia's 4th Birthday and cake!
It was so fun seeing her soooo excited about her party! the moment she had waited for..for weeks! and every time I asked what kind of bday party she wanted it changed! but the last thing she mentioned was wanting a "unicorn piƱata), thanks to Amazon, I found one! :) she's not really in to one particular thing..but she does love her she was super excited about her ice cream cake!

she blew the candles out in one puff and did the, "that was way to easy/ i did it" pose! haha.

pizza and ice cream cake..pretty excited kids!

of course, Claire loved it!

in fact, she stayed and cleaned up the others plates after they left the room..haha! (smart girl)

of all the gifts she received...the personalized, singing card was the biggest hit! 

PINATA time...

uncle trav helped was a pretty tough little unicorn...

and out came the candy!

claire was happy about her find..

Event though she is technically not 4 until the 26th...(and she knows that)...she was going to tell you, it was her birthday today and she is now 4...and wants a "big girl car seat now" haha!

she cracks us up..seriously, never a dull moment with her! funniest little girl. 

and when these crazies don't fall asleep until around 10...are super restless through the night...and wake up at 4:30...this was exactly what needed to happen! 
party time success!

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