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Thursday, April 30, 2015

sibling pics...

It's funny how everyone's brains are geared differently...when travis sees a bunch of trees, water, sunshine, etc..he thinks of what a perfect hunting and fishing spot, etc...when it's a gorgeous day, ty and hanna see bike rides, duck calls, fishing, Claire just wants to be outside...and i see pretty photo ops...haha! When your kids have had a camera in their face, constantly, since birth...they think it's perfectly normal to be in the middle of a bike ride...and decide to go home, change clothes, grab the camera and head back for picture taking..haha! always with a candy treat afterwards.haha! 

I feel with our life's crazy schedule..i haven't been able to capture their pretty faces, yesterday was the day! It was absolutely gorgeous, we had been at the ponds and nothing makes me more happy than taking pictures...and my kids are always my lucky subjects.hehe! 

Thanks to photoshop..i was able to clean off Claire's dirty face from the whole cantaloupe she devoured...and I really wish Hanna didn't have on the pink necklace from the $1 bin at target we got that morning..but, hey...beggars can't be choosers! ha! 

I love my babies very much...but, maybe a little more when they are willing to let me take their pictures..even if candy is the culprit! :) ha!

I had just cleared off all my camera devices (or so I thought) since we are leaving for DW soon..
so, in the middle of taking pics...i saw, "card full." I mean, I know I take hundreds of pics in one session...but, i mean, not 800 worth...soo..after investigating, I realized I had a ton protected, and therefore not, after driving home, getting the kids a piece of candy, I cleared my card..and it was time for individual pics...but, ty was toooooo fast in changing his clothes, he missed out..but, no doubt, he'll have his turn soon..hehe!

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