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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Saturday morning, Travis woke up to Ty saying, "Hey daddy, wake up, it's morning time..want to go throw some top waters?" lol...Travis has never been more excited to be woken up! so, of course, he sprung out of bed and he and Ty were out the door by and the girls stayed behind on that one..ha! 
Fishing is something I grew up doing and although I am not a fisherman by any means, my dad did instill some fishing, it's fun to see ty get excited and hanna as well. claire just loves to throw rocks...but whatever keeps her happy! 
Travis also LOVES to fish..he'd catch or kill just about, having his kids enjoy his loves, is also very exciting for him..and fun for me to watch! some dads watch sports, travis watching hunting and fishing..with ty, hanna and claire, right there with him! (and me too, and food network would be my first choice..hehe).

If we aren't home..this is where you can find the pond..

sometimes I have to work on Travis' sharing of the fishing! one day i'll learn to bring one for all my kids..hehe!

saturday night, my mom so graciously had our kids come over to swim and kept them overnight...while travis and I could get a date night in...and we had so much fun!
We are both indecisive people when it comes to, while we pondered...we enjoyed drinks in our fancy crystal glasses and our gormet was just perfect. 
finally we decided on cancun grill, a favorite, but sometimes overlooked restaurant..and it was delicious. after that..we were just excited to go home and go to most parents are excited for when away from kids...sleep! haha! 
so after polishing off some cookies we hit the hay! 
but, I failed in the packing category for my, i had to bring claire diapers (the one time my mom doesn't have diapers at her house.haha) 9:00 and then the next morning for church...we had to bring ty different pants and claire some shoes...haha! good thing we are in the same town! ha!
but, it was a wonderful evening!

later on sunday, I got my hair did by my stylist..

while I finally gave in and allowed ty to watch, "the Sandlot." ha! Travis, not ty, had been wanting to watch it for a long while now, but i just wasn't, while I was at a baby shower, and trav took the kids to a baseball/sandlot themed bday sealed the deal...ha! 

Two peas in a pod!

Claire got upgraded to a "big kid" swing...big day for her..

since hanna doesn't nap..if she sits still during the 4:00 hour..this is what sometimes happens..

and tonight she dosed off at the dinner, sometimes no naps are a good thing...but usually it's not! haha.

Tuesday, we got to watch our two college alma matters play against each other in baseball..since that doesn't happen to often..and has never happened in midland where we can watch...we decked out in PURPLE!!!! hehe! I honestly, didn't care what they wore...claire clearly didn't have a choice..and I think Hanna just liked the purple over black..ha!..but she did cheer loudly for the wildcats, right above their dugout..where our seats where! haha!
we had such a fun, family outing..probably one of our firsts in a long while...the kids made it longer than we expected but we still left before the game was over. Sadly, ACU lost!

sporting ACU gear..but guns up for Tech!

when they all started to get pretty restless we walked around before heading was such a beautiful night! 

the weather has been awesome here we have been outside as much as we can...and it's been great! love spring time! 

"This is the Day the Lord has made, Let US Rejoice and be Glad in HIM."

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