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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Family weekend...

This past weekend was the first weekend we were all home as a family...and it was so very nice! I feel we were very productive..which makes it even better. ha! It was beautiful weather..and even got some great, much needed rain! Success all around! 

Friday morning we had a fun park date..lots of friends, old and new there! it was a busy place! but, fun for all...

Friday afternoon we went and got mulch and flowers....which lead to ice cream!

Clearly, it was windy..haha!

Friday night, since we were working in the front lead to our kids eating at the neighbors, which lead to an impromptu slumber party for Ty...and we had our neighbor spend the night! The boys were super fact, so excited..they had a hard time sleeping! Ty finally crashed about 10:30 and his friend, not until 11:15ish! so..they next day...I MADE TY take a nap...which he did! :) ha!  but, they had so much fun and i guess marks the beginning of more to come. 

Saturday morning, we finished some yard work and that afternoon Hanna went with me to a baby shower..and of course, had to wear her "party dress."  

after the shower, we took my mom pizza and cake to celebrate her bday. 

and, I don't think I have ever seen Claire so excited when we said, "cake"....boy was she happy and excited..and clearly enjoyed it! haha.

Sunday after church and claire's nap...we enjoyed the beautiful weather at my parents pool...
finally, claire got to partake instead of just watching...she loved it.

3 little fishes.

We didn't stay too long b/c we saw the storms rolling in and decided to head later that night we got to watch and hear the pouring rain..perfect ending to the day! 

where there is dirt..this one will play in it! but, it keeps her occupied! 

Claire was jumping in like a pro...over and over again....and on the way home (about 4) she feel asleep..and slept for almost 2 hours...I thought she was going to sleep through the night..but woke up..ate a little and went back to bed a little later! that wore her out!

Speaking of Claire, she is such a trooper in always waiting around while watching her older sibs do fun activities...she is their biggest fan! 

but, saturday, I took a much needed break from yard work...and instead of putting her in bed for a nap..I just held her...I don't get to do that often..and I enjoyed every second! just looking at her! 

 Monday after swim lessons..instead of doing typical errands...we just came home and I did countless loads of laundry..and even put them away! haha! that's the hardest part! ha.

Hanna stamped her face (and legs) but said, "I just want to look like those cheerleaders." 
and later I found her shirt like this....EEEEK! b/c "that's what those cheerleaders do." This whole cheerleading thing is getting out of control. Hanna is super observant..and although she isn't in class with the girls dressed like that..she sees them in the building..and I've often wondered why elementary aged girls are wearing cropped tops and mini shorts...and now that my 3 year old is making her clothes look like "cheerleader outfits" I am not sure I'm ok with that message! I'm ok with her age doing cheerleading...but the uniforms and dances need to be age appropriate...anyways, off my soap box! 

Monday night, we typically have tball, I was preparing dinner early..since we eat early those nights...and while I was doing that...claire was super fussy, so I was holding her..and then she proceeded to throw up. I had been giving her breathing treatments all day (since the storm weather wreaked havoc on her) so, she clearly didn't feel well..but that caught me off guard. But, I was in the middle of making, I just continued...and when I was at a stopping point...went to change my shirt and swifter the floor..all the while holding claire...who, come to find out, was asleep. So, after dinner was all prepared..we went and sat on the couch and ty came and sat next to me and we watched a show. Hanna had gone to my room..and once I realized it was all quite..I had Ty, "sneak" into my bedroom and see if hanna was asleep...(it was after 3 by now) and sure enough..hanna was sacked out!

so, ty took a picture of her! lol! 

 tball got cancelled last night b/c of weather...although we were was nice to have a little normalcy in the house with dinner and bedtime. 

can't wait until thursday, so we can cheer on this cute little tball player! 

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