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Tuesday, April 7, 2015


This year Easter was fun b/c all kids were old enough to hunt eggs and were very excited about it...and boy did they have their share of egg hunts. First it was a bday party, then their schools hunt...Ty was geared up for it...Hanna not so much (for whatever reason) and Claire was the only one in her class that she had it all to herself! (each class had their individual hunt). then the reunion egg hunt, the meme's egg hunt! i actually think they were hunted out...

Ty Had a blast at the schools..

Look who we spied peeking through her window...

claire's solo hunt..haha..

Hanna came out crying once she saw me...and had absolutely zero interest in the hunt. Since Ty and Claire had just been diagnosed with Strep I was hoping it wasn't b/c she felt bad..but her teachers said she acted fine all, I have no idea. So, she stayed on my hip the whole time! HA! and would not go near the easter bunny!

Friday afternoon, we picked up mom-mom (grandpa had left the day before) and we headed to Dallas...but stopped in Abilene to pick up brady and sophi since daniel was sick and he and casey couldn't go...
they watched movies, we jammed out..stopped in weatherford to eat was a fun ride...
and that night got to the hotel.
Next morning after breakfast we went another hour east to the annual Family Easter Reunion! It was an absolute gorgeous fact, that morning when we left it was like 40-50 something putting the sunscreen on, that I had purchased for the sole reason of the trip, did not even cross my mind...but, boy did we get red...and the kids. I felt terrible. but, didn't seem to bother anyone! we stayed as long as we could, fishing, running around, enjoying the outdoors and family...but, since we still had another egg hunt to do at the the swimming pool was on the kids minds...we left late that afternoon.

In ready position to start the egg hunt...

Ty was all.about.the.hunt...this year...he took off and I could barely find him to take pics..he gathered 40 eggs. :) 

Claire was all about it too..she had a great time..

while claire sat and played with her eggs...I had the easter bunny, nonchalantly, sneak up behind her and added the other 2....easter bunny pic success! haha.

counting eggs and money!

sophi was in contention to win most money...

sweet cousins...

brady wanted his picture taken...such a model..haha.

claire's position...she hung in there pretty good. She took a morning nap about 8:30 that morning so she lasted a little longer than normal..but about 2ish..i finally just put her in the car and drove down the street and she was out...and continued to stay out for about 2 hours..haha! sleepy girl.

travis had just as fun of a time fishing as the boys did...where there is water..he will fish.

brady was the fisherman of the day and caught 8 fish! he was super excited..and asked to send a video message to his mommy and daddy..b/c "they would be so proud"! sooo sweet!

even hanna got in on the action.

after meme's egg hunt, we had a pizza and swim party! Probably the highlight of the kids trip..haha.

Hanna, told me( and everyone) that she was going to take a picture with the easter bunny...and she did! haha.

Sophi has never been a fan of the bunny...and this year was no different...when she saw him, she bolted off in tears...but, she rallied and stayed as far away as possible..but still managed to get a pic! 

When I went to put the poles in my dad's truck..I came around the house to find the girls giving a dance and singing performance...haha! they had about 10 peoples attention..all eyes on was pretty funny...and sooooo typical of sophi! 

meme and all her great-grandkids!

the last night the boys wanted to sleep in the same, since trav wanted a bedtime snack..the boys got one too..haha.  Travis is such a great dad and uncle! 

sunday before we left..the mom-mom and grandpa easter bunny came!

and back on the road we went...we stopped in eastland at the mcdonald's...b/c honestly, they have the best bathrooms...and we got all the kids a happy meal...the next best thing to them on the trip..haha! 
we dropped B&S off...and we continued on our way home!
such a fun time!
and the kids came home to find the easter bunny had's so funny to hear how they think he got in while we were gone...Sneaky, sneaky!
Happy Easter!
now what to do with all the candy??????? ha!

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