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Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring Break...

Since we had a few free days we thought it would be fun to spend them with Gamy and we loaded up and headed Fulshear, on Wednesday morning and Travis flew down thursday night and spent the rest of the weekend there with we celebrated Travis' bday and a late bday celebration for Ty.

Road roller coaster...weeeee

Once we got there we finally got to meet cousin, Elly! who is now 2 months old! but, we all throughly enjoyed holding her!  look  at that big smile she gave us...she was so happy to meet us too..hehe.

of course, Hanna loved her! another little baby doll to smother  Love.

4 girl cousins! 
poor Ty is way outnumbered..he's always looking for a boy to play with..haha.

Thursday we went to the Houston Rodeo. It was mine and the kids first time there and it was sooo cute. They really put a lot of effort and time into making it fun for the kids...we all had a great time. 
first up, Fun on the Farm...

and of all places to  park...we ended up right next to our good, we all went together! 

all the little "farmers"

picking the veggie..

feeding the chickens...

every farmer needs a break for a grandparent pic!

sold their crop and earned some money to buy groceries (aka a snack)
It was so cute...and the kids loved it!

then into the arena with the livestock..who knew there were so many types of rabbits...

livestock being sweet.

these little piglets were just born...

cute little bull riders..

Hanna waited the whole time and finally got to ride her pony! haha.

one excited little girl..

next year, Claire.

Granddaddy got Ty a Lasso rope..and he was so excited.

poor claire wanted to ride so badly!ha

after lunch and the pony ride it was time to head back...and perfect timing since it started to rain sprinkle...but, little princess didn't want to get wet! ha

after a stop at Gigi's and Great granddaddy's...Ty got to go with Granddaddy and Nimbus to Bass Pro..since Travis wasn't there..he filled the role! haha.

This little one LOVES balls...

night time cuddles with granddaddy...

and mommy..hehe! 

the sun might not have been out..but no rain mean we are outside..this one just couldn't wait any longer...she loves to be outside..and with the added water features..she was all about it!

friday morning, claire had a mommy-daddy walk!

Grandma Joan and her great-grandkids..

all 5 grandkids...

what could be roped...was!

claire's favorite spot in the backyard..just her size for temptation to prevail. poor little planter!

our little cheerleader.

lifelong friends...
Friday night we celebrated Travis' bday by cooking out with family and friends...

where there is music..there are tiny dancers..

of course, bday cake!

such a fun night..that ended up with beautiful weather! 

saturday morning, Trav woke up being 32...and what better way to celebrate than giving your daughter a breathing treatment...who needs breakfast in bed anyways! haha.

Hard to believe this stud running back is 32!

Gamy and Granddaddy gave ty his wish of a chuck e cheese bday party and his friends came too..which made it extra special.

Thanks to the commercials..ty has been soooo anxious to do the "ticket blaster" he finally got his wish come true...

sweet, sweet friends. 

it's go time...

"That was harder than I thought." but, still managed to get lots of was even stuck in his shirt and goggles..haha

The ball bandit..Claire knew where this ball game was and would go snatch up balls and put them in other games..haha! kept me busy! 

but, she really loved this game...ha!

knew exactly what to do!

there was a time when Dustin was smaller!! haha.

After the pizza party...the guys went to try out Trae's new boat...not sure who was more excited Trae or bet would be the son! haha! That was probably the best bday present ever Travis's words, "I've waited 32 years for my dad to get a boat." lol! so, I'm glad it all worked out that they could enjoy the boat together for the first time! happy, happy guys!

while they played boat...we enjoyed the beautiful weather at the park...

On  the walk home from the park..hanna fell as scrapped her knee and jammed her finger pretty, life was tough..being hurt on top of being tired..never a good combo...
but, once we got inside..I sat down, since I had carried her almost a mile...she conked out! can't think of the last time she has fallen asleep on my chest! memories! always be my little girl.

for dinner we went to a bbq place that ended up being a perfect spot...
live music, BYOB and kids eat free! Fantastic spot!

like I said before, where there is music..there are tiny dancers...

hanna sat and watched 2 older, spunky, girls dance...and once they left she copied them...GRREAATT!

Sunday morning we left...and not far down the road, claire was out....and later, Hanna..after lunch. I made ty turn off movie and he was out! haha! 3 worn out kids means a lot of fun was had!

Once we got back Hanna got to play with her favorite friend...just made the weekend that much better!

but, since Travis just celebrated his's to you,babe!

Happy 5th 32nd bday! We love you

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