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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Picture book..

A picture is worth a thousand, pics it is... :)
we have been so incredibly busy these last few days... i really don't have time to blog..but since this is how i document our lives..had to get these pics in!

yup, snowed again too of course, but not near the severity of Elsa's last cast!

We are beyond thankful for our neighbors...we have the best neighborhood..and this is ty's absolute BFF..they are constantly and all..and now swim lessons..seriously, always.together! two peas and a pod! 

and this one hosted many shows on "my stage" while cooped inside....haha! 

where is Claire???

hanna lasted a whole minute...and decided being inside was way better! ha takes after her momma!

these 2 tried to build a snowman..bless their hearts..but the snow was too powdery to stick!

mom and I at the make a wish fundraiser! great night! lots of money raised for a great cause!

ty made ice and popsicles outside  in our freezing temps..

sweet cuddle time..

i wondered where the whole box of bandaids went..i found all the wrappers in hanna's room..but no bandaids....until I saw mr hippo...who apparently had a major abdominal/heart surgery! and a possible nose job..thanks to Dr Hanna! ;)

where there is a way..this one will climb! 

of all the places to sit...

ty drew me a picture of a fish! :)

Then that one time I lost a battle with the immersion blender blade and had to get 4 stitches! haha.
it's been ok..until I started to type..and makes it difficult..and 10 times as long! haha.

while I drove myself to the urgent care...trav and the kids made me sweet, sweet notes! :)

this one is a mess..but, can't help but think she looks so innocent and sweet while she sleeps! (just wish she would do it more often..and maybe when awake) haha 

Sent to bed at 7:30..but plays and who knows what, until she falls asleep a little later...always love (sarcasm) going into her room before I go to bed to see what her creative mind did! ha!

Hanna has also started a new gymnastics class...intro to cheer and dance. It's suppose to (key word there) offer more tumbling than her current class...I will say, she has her toe-touch down (or at least she thinks so). ha! 

Hanna has been in swim lesson since jan and just about has her freestyle down!
Ty started this week..and  yes, you see our neighbor again)..i kid you not, they always are together! haha.  and ty is loving it! working on remembering back stroke..he's been doing both arms instead of alternating...ha! 

then to the dentist for their 6M cleaning! ty did his mommy and loves it...Hanna on the other hand was super excited and then when it came her turn..decided she didn't want to and threw a tantrum the whole time while she got hers cleaned! but, we made it through! PHEW! hopefully, they will let us come back..luckily, we know the Dr..but not sure that's better! haha!  Probably wasn't the best timing directly after swim lessons..b/c that makes hanna tired..which is great for nappin purposes..she'll nap a little more often..but otherwise when she's tired..she's a hot mess but, i still love her! ha!

welp, claire's awake.."mommy, mommy,mommy, mommy" until i get her! haha..and I love it! :)

back to bad weather today...soooo ready for the sun!!! 
ready for Spring we can all get a break..and a little rest before tball enters the picture! :)

Happy march..(can't believe it)

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