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Sunday, March 29, 2015

No agenda...

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? I honestly try not too..I am a planner, so that helps me to organize and not have things pile up....but, sometimes that just doesn't happens..and it always seems to pour all at once. So, this weekend when we had absolute zero plans (minus a bday party) I couldn't wait...we wish travis could have been here to enjoy the rare occasion..but he was having a great time with his dad and friends in Port O'Conner fishing! 

We Celebrated the, nothing on the agenda weekend, with  Donuts friday morning. I was hoping to "sleep in" (like that every happens with kids)..but with the excitement of donuts (that i had bought the day before, so we didn't have to get out friday morning..I'm a thinker..haha)...the anticipation killed ty and hanna..and they were up with the roosters! but, on a good note, we had nowhere to we stayed in our jammies past 8:00! WOA! and it was nice! haha! I was able to clean out Ty's closet and we all cleaned  up the backyard and porch! Amazing what you can accomplish when you are home for a couple of hours! haha!
Later that afternoon, we enjoyed the gorgeous spring weather and went on our own fishing our back pond..where Ty caught 4 perch...catching fish never gets old or less exciting! we took our neighbors with us and we had a great time! but, after one pole got hung up, breaking of the lure..leaving us with only 1 pole for 5 kids...we spoiled it up and headed home. 


On thursday, we ditched hanna's gymnastics class and got her a haircut instead! She is EXTREMELY tender, the shorter the better with her! ha!

she still sneaks in to Ty's room nightly, how they got into this position is beyond me...but how sweet is that! :)

side note: 
This little one..has been stuck on me for a couple weeks now...this is what happens if heaven forbid I put her down....once I pick her up she crawls up me, snuggles under my shoulder, curls her legs up and puts her thumb in her mouth! not sure what has caused the leech personality..but, it can get exhausting! but, put her outside..and she is typically happy! so, we try to be out as much as possible. :)

we love our neighborhood for many reasons...and the 2 ponds are some of them! 

after this joyride to the front where ty wanted to get home to get his duck call and fishing, we went home to retrieve them and picked up his BFF and sister..whom Hanna adores! 

give claire a rock and she'll throw them all day! happy as a clam!

but, not as happy as this fisherman! 

this picture cracks me up..this is the epitome of hanna....all priss and sass! lol!

back to the story: 

and this is what happens when littles refuse to nap..put them in the car at 5 and out they go!

saturday was the day I had been waiting for...claire slept tip 8:30 (WOWZERS) so we just enjoyed our leftover donuts and milk (coffee for me) in bed! It.was.marvelous! 

Saturday morning we had a bday party to attend..and we all had a great time...they LOVED the animals and would have petted them all day! but, not the easter bunny...haha...only ty liked him! haha.

and this is what Hanna's room looks like when she is suppose to be "resting"! AHHH! hanna the hurricane in full swing!
I constantly think who much less of a headache parenting would be if I gave in and let them do what they wanted..but the alternative wouldn't be pretty either! It's hard being consistent...but, I hope it pays off...above all I want my kids to be followers/leaders of Christ..with manners who put other people first! oh, and safety first!  :) 

all ty's loot from the bday party easter egg hunt! paid off being the oldest one there! ha!

after claire's 3 hour nap...again, WOA...we went on another trip to the show camden the sad, dead duck..I know that sounds morbid..but, it's exciting to my kids! haha.

such big smiles can't even open her eyes.

the boys found sticks..and went around fishing trash out...what good neighborhood citizens! :)

b/c all princesses wear their heels on bike rides to the pond! HA

for dinner ty got to go to Grub Burger with the neighbors..and I know he had a great time.. and ate way better than I was cooking! haha.

saturday night, claire was coughing a lot...but, never seemed to bother I let her sleep!

sunday when I went to wake claire up for church she seemed awfully hot! GRRREEATT! and sure enough almost 102! EEEKK! but, since everyone else was already dressed and ready to head out the door...I just gave her Ibuprofen and hoped for the best! I debated on class b/c of her fever...but when your kids get excited about's hard for me to say, again, claire went to class and I hoped for the best! 
after we got home and had lunch, claire went down for a nap..and woke up with a  103.9 fever! OH MY GOODNESS! I felt terrible! So, again, with the meds, tried to cool her off..went outside to sit in the sun(my legs out for the sun to see..hehe) and let the breeze hit her... it's gone down to 99 range...but the cough is still there! (of course...that's what happens when she gets sick)...
but, once the fever broke she started walking around, ate a little and once daddy got home, went to him..which was HUGE considering her leech mood the last 2 weeks.
but, all this explains the long naps lately! :) poor baby girl..tough being the littlest! 

no, it's not's just the water spots on the window. 

she might have only eaten the strawberries and cool whip..but hey, at least it's something! 

Daddy had a great time, and a successful fishing trip..and was able to bring home some trout! 
Glad he was able to enjoy the weekend with his dad and lifelong friends, but we sure are glad he's home. While they unload his truck and play outside...i was suppose to be putting laundry away, I clearly got side tracked and blogged instead! haha.

Ready and geared up for this week...tball starts this week and ty will play on monday and thursdays (along with swim lessons, dance and gymnastics) ..Go Hooks! 

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