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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Movie Bday Party...

For Ty's 5th birthday party..he just wanted a few of his friends to go the movies. I was sold. No more big parties is fine with me..his request seemed simple enough. So the week after his real birthday we had his party..where 4 of his friends came to join him to the movies. Ty also wanted to have pizza and, the boys were dropped off at 10:30 (yes, no parents allowed at this big boy party.haha) the boys played and at 11 we ate pizza and had cupcakes. After their bellies were full and we still had some time to kill before leaving for the movies..Ty opened his presents..and then we loaded up and went to see Paddington! We had to limit Ty's friend request for carseat reasons..haha! and since one of his friends couldn't make it..and Sophi wanted to go..she was in! haha! 
Hanna and Claire went to my parents house so both Trav and I could attend the movie..really, so we could have a date! haha! who would have thought taking a group of 5 year olds to the movies would get us a little date! haha! although travis wanted to leave and sneak into american sniper (again) he got sucked into Paddington! 
When we first arrived we were the only ones in the theater..but a few ended up coming and actually sat right in front of the boys...It made me chuckle,..b/c of all the places to sit in the empty theater..they chose those would have thought they would have exchanged their tickets for a different time..haha! And actually, the boys played musical chairs and ended up on that row by the end of the movie..haha! 
 It was a cute movie and the boys seemed to really enjoy, i would call it a successful trip! 
After the movie we dropped each kid off back at their house! Ty was very excited about it all...and to see his happy face makes it all worth it! (but now, he's on to chuck e cheese with gamy and granddaddy)..haha!

Ninja Turtles is always a safe bet with ty...but the morning of his party he asked for Lego cupcakes...well, considering he had requested blue and red the day before...we called those Lego cupcakes..and it worked for him.haha! 

Silly boys!

The girls got booted to the little table! long as they had their pizza and juice they were perfectly content.

cupcake time.

"Let's all go to the movies"

Hanna had already left with my mom before we left..with since she was excited about having "girl time" i called Hanna to make sure it was ok that sophi went to the movies and not to mom-mom's house..she of course, said that was fine and was excited to paint her nails with mom-mom. 
Later, she asked, "why sophi not come to your house,mom-mom?" "oh, b/c she miss her brudder?" 
hahaha! oh hanna! but, actually, sophi is hooked on brady and is just one of the boys! haha! 

I was really hoping this movie was going to be out for Ty's bday..but no luck. But i foresee us attending this movie soon! Brady saw it and said, "hey lindsey, how about a here come camden and ty running to join in." haha.

the whole theater to ourselves for a little while.

date day..haha.

This picture cracked me up..not only b/c of all their "ninja" poses..but b/c of all the pics taken that day, sophi had no interest in being in them...until I said, "act like a ninja" and here she comes running with her ninja pose...haha (hence the blurriness) haha.

playtime before the movies! tried to get some energy out before having to sit still for an hour and half.
 (Brady is always so sweet to push the girls on the swing)

oh the conversations that were had...cracks me up!

can't believe he's 5! 

he was super excited about all his gifts! very thoughtful friends he has. (and their parents)

I remember this same pose..same place..when ty was 11 months old...and now he's 5! CRAZY!

but, he'll always be my Ty-baby! just ask him! hehe.

love him so very much! so proud he's our little boy! 

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