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Monday, February 16, 2015


My 3 favorite Valentine's!!!! 
Love them so very much!!

For their valentines lunch...this is about as creative as I got..I had other plans but ran out of time and energy! haha

Claire saw me out her room window walking, I was busted...typically, I get her after the parties (since her class doesn't have one) but since she spied me..there was no getting out of, she crashed both parties..and enjoyed every minute of it! haha.

Ty's class got to decorate cookies...

claire thinking she's a big 4 year old! ha. (there were  a few she got her own chair).

Then on to Hanna's party...they had cookies, fruit and juice boxes.

and then got to open their valentine boxes.
Valentine's are definitely a little different from when I was in school. haha

claire, enjoying hanna's party..

back to ty's!

finally, all sugared up and ready to head out!

ty's valentines! WOW

and hanna's

We went to the Alzheimer's nursing home and partied and loved on sweet. and of course, kids got some of their treats too..ha

Since Valentine's Fell on a saturday, Ty and I got our own mommy-son his choice...the "donut shop." I always enjoy having one on one time with him! he makes me smile and fills my heart.

For lunch  Hanna got a daddy-daughter date to chick fil a! she was sooo excited. and came home with a big stuffed unicorn. lol.

while they had their date...we enjoyed the beautiful weather outside.

my v-day card from


later we went on a bike ride for ty to ride down the hill...his new favorite location.

after church on sunday

we had a great valentine's spent with our family! After the kids went to bed, Trav and I enjoyed our own little dinner date at our kitchen table! :) nice to have uninterrupted matter where it is! :) and enjoyed a movie...Taken! ha! totally not romantic..or the movie you want to see when you have girls...but, it was a good movie! 

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