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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ty is 5...

How is it possible that my little boy is 5! well, of course, i know how..but, seems way too soon! 

This bday is extremely hard for me...i think mainly b/c the reality of Kindergarten is going to happen in the fall...and I am totally.not.ok.with.that!  I am having major issues! I knew I would, considering, I have cried about this day for years, the fact, that I have turned in his registration form, and now he's the age of those who attend just very hard! haha! but, we'll both get through it!

Ty loves to, naturally, Ty is 5, Is quite fitting. he rhymes any and everything..kind of fun when we get on rolls..always turns into silly words and laughter! 

Ok..superlative time..:) I am a proud mommy, what can I say! 
Ty is very smart, loves school, is getting super close to reading! very inquisitive. definitely will stump me or make my brain really work! haha! Definitely will call me out! ha!
Is the sweetest big brother and always looking out for his sisters. 
Although, for the past couple of years has crept into mine and travis' bed in the middle of the night...he has stayed in his bed for the past 5 nights..and we all are VERY EXCITED for him...he will count the days and tell everyone! haha!
Snuggie is still his #1 pal..takes him most places..he may take him to college, and get married with him..I just don't have the heart to take him away!
He loves to build his legos..there are legos  ninja turtles..but he's always the turtles and i'm always the bad guys! haha
Has the same love for hunting and fishing as his daddy does! In fact, last night, he told me, "mommy, because it's my birthday, i asked to watch hunting (me totally thinking his father cohearsed him into that) b/c it helps me learn how to hunt better! lol. 
he talks like such an wait, scratch that, his daddy! "come on man, i'm going to smoke that joker, ya, just whatever." I could go on and on..
He loves to dance and listen to music..he loves his christian station..but also really likes country and a few rock/rapper songs (all appropriate songs for him) nothing with bad language or me! 
golf and baseball have always been his constant sports..but, he's been really into football lately! so, we'll see about that! :)
Of course, I could go on and on..I just love this little boy so much..and the fact, he still loves to cuddle with me! 
Happy birthday, Ty Lankford Roby! :)

The Eve of his bday i put these balloons out..and he could not have been more excited about them...he was telling everyone..haha!

of course, sister had to sneak in his bed too.

that morning he was ready to open his gift! something he had asked for awhile back...

a Vtech watch...he was soooooo excited! 
It really is a cool watch..takes videos, pictures..has games, stopwatch, alarm clock..etc! very smart! haha.
and he just loves it!

he requested blue pancakes with sprinkles for breakfast.

and "special chips that you can make like a duck" for lunch! (the things he learns at school).haha.
and car shaped sandwiches!

and Texas Roadhouse for dinner! 
the kid had 3 rolls and still said, I'm so hungry! haha! good thing our food came out soon!

Princess Anna also joined us!
One of those nights, where I chose my battle..and that one was not worth the fight! 

claire reminded us why we don't eat out! HA!

It came time to sing to Ty..there was another bday celebration right before, he kinda got the idea and was excited..until the wait staff came charging up with their bells, pots and noise makers..ty just about crawled under travis' skin...we thought, there is no way he's going to do it anymore! 
But, he rallied and got on the saddle...and swung the bandana..and loved it! lol! he thought that was pretty cool...
(so, now hanna wants to do it for her bday).haha

I love this little boy to pieces and so thankful God chose me to be his mommy! 
but, he knows, he'll always be my Ty-baby! :)

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