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Thursday, February 5, 2015

15 Months...

As fast as a year came...15 months snuck up too...Our little Claire Bear is 15 months old!
She is such a happy girl, and has a smile as big as Texas. She definitely is still on track to be our funny one! It makes me laugh to hear her be funny or laugh just because Ty and Hanna are laughing! If you want someone to laugh at your joke..tell's a sure bet she'll do that! 

Her favorite word is "uh-uh"..meaning, No! headshake and arm movement and all! 
No. wait! Scratch that..her favorite word is, "Mommy" hehe! and i love it! however, there are other things she refers to as "momma" like..her milk..."ma" and "momma" kind of go together sometimes. or when she points to food..."more" and "momma" get connected...haha...but, I get her drift...well, sometimes! ha!

Her favorite song is, "The itsy bits spider"...really cute watching her do the motions. 
she loves books and will always bring me ones to read her! and, I love that too! 
She loves and adores her big sibs...and is kinda lost without them...she will search the house looking for them! 

She's beginning to run..usually with sound effects..which crack me up. Loves to play with "ba" aka balls. loves to climb on ANYTHING, jump, fall onto pillows..but seems to be timid about getting on the rocking horse. haha! 

She has had her rounds with sickness...bless her heart can't catch a break. we are on another round of double ear infections now and sure hope she can kick it. therefore, still on breathing treatments..which she has absolutely learned to hate! but, i don't blame her. 
she has all but 4 teeth in...the molars have caused her fits..but they are all in now! 

she use to eat anything..and now b/c of all her sickness doesn't have the best appetite..and has become picky..but her belly says otherwise.hehe! She weighs 21 lbs so has pretty much been the same for a few months..but kinda shocking to me b/c I feel her belly is definitely growing. haha! 

she had her first altercation at school...i felt terrible..but her teachers said it was in self defense..but, i was still shocked to hear she bit a friend. AAHHH!  I mean, to me, if she's going to bite anyone, i figured it would be hanna, since she's always up in her personal space. haha!

She is such a joy to be around and we love her so very much! 

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