Rollin' with the Roby's

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ty is 5...

How is it possible that my little boy is 5! well, of course, i know how..but, seems way too soon! 

This bday is extremely hard for me...i think mainly b/c the reality of Kindergarten is going to happen in the fall...and I am totally.not.ok.with.that!  I am having major issues! I knew I would, considering, I have cried about this day for years, the fact, that I have turned in his registration form, and now he's the age of those who attend just very hard! haha! but, we'll both get through it!

Ty loves to, naturally, Ty is 5, Is quite fitting. he rhymes any and everything..kind of fun when we get on rolls..always turns into silly words and laughter! 

Ok..superlative time..:) I am a proud mommy, what can I say! 
Ty is very smart, loves school, is getting super close to reading! very inquisitive. definitely will stump me or make my brain really work! haha! Definitely will call me out! ha!
Is the sweetest big brother and always looking out for his sisters. 
Although, for the past couple of years has crept into mine and travis' bed in the middle of the night...he has stayed in his bed for the past 5 nights..and we all are VERY EXCITED for him...he will count the days and tell everyone! haha!
Snuggie is still his #1 pal..takes him most places..he may take him to college, and get married with him..I just don't have the heart to take him away!
He loves to build his legos..there are legos  ninja turtles..but he's always the turtles and i'm always the bad guys! haha
Has the same love for hunting and fishing as his daddy does! In fact, last night, he told me, "mommy, because it's my birthday, i asked to watch hunting (me totally thinking his father cohearsed him into that) b/c it helps me learn how to hunt better! lol. 
he talks like such an wait, scratch that, his daddy! "come on man, i'm going to smoke that joker, ya, just whatever." I could go on and on..
He loves to dance and listen to music..he loves his christian station..but also really likes country and a few rock/rapper songs (all appropriate songs for him) nothing with bad language or me! 
golf and baseball have always been his constant sports..but, he's been really into football lately! so, we'll see about that! :)
Of course, I could go on and on..I just love this little boy so much..and the fact, he still loves to cuddle with me! 
Happy birthday, Ty Lankford Roby! :)

The Eve of his bday i put these balloons out..and he could not have been more excited about them...he was telling everyone..haha!

of course, sister had to sneak in his bed too.

that morning he was ready to open his gift! something he had asked for awhile back...

a Vtech watch...he was soooooo excited! 
It really is a cool watch..takes videos, pictures..has games, stopwatch, alarm clock..etc! very smart! haha.
and he just loves it!

he requested blue pancakes with sprinkles for breakfast.

and "special chips that you can make like a duck" for lunch! (the things he learns at school).haha.
and car shaped sandwiches!

and Texas Roadhouse for dinner! 
the kid had 3 rolls and still said, I'm so hungry! haha! good thing our food came out soon!

Princess Anna also joined us!
One of those nights, where I chose my battle..and that one was not worth the fight! 

claire reminded us why we don't eat out! HA!

It came time to sing to Ty..there was another bday celebration right before, he kinda got the idea and was excited..until the wait staff came charging up with their bells, pots and noise makers..ty just about crawled under travis' skin...we thought, there is no way he's going to do it anymore! 
But, he rallied and got on the saddle...and swung the bandana..and loved it! lol! he thought that was pretty cool...
(so, now hanna wants to do it for her bday).haha

I love this little boy to pieces and so thankful God chose me to be his mommy! 
but, he knows, he'll always be my Ty-baby! :)

Monday, February 16, 2015


My 3 favorite Valentine's!!!! 
Love them so very much!!

For their valentines lunch...this is about as creative as I got..I had other plans but ran out of time and energy! haha

Claire saw me out her room window walking, I was busted...typically, I get her after the parties (since her class doesn't have one) but since she spied me..there was no getting out of, she crashed both parties..and enjoyed every minute of it! haha.

Ty's class got to decorate cookies...

claire thinking she's a big 4 year old! ha. (there were  a few she got her own chair).

Then on to Hanna's party...they had cookies, fruit and juice boxes.

and then got to open their valentine boxes.
Valentine's are definitely a little different from when I was in school. haha

claire, enjoying hanna's party..

back to ty's!

finally, all sugared up and ready to head out!

ty's valentines! WOW

and hanna's

We went to the Alzheimer's nursing home and partied and loved on sweet. and of course, kids got some of their treats too..ha

Since Valentine's Fell on a saturday, Ty and I got our own mommy-son his choice...the "donut shop." I always enjoy having one on one time with him! he makes me smile and fills my heart.

For lunch  Hanna got a daddy-daughter date to chick fil a! she was sooo excited. and came home with a big stuffed unicorn. lol.

while they had their date...we enjoyed the beautiful weather outside.

my v-day card from


later we went on a bike ride for ty to ride down the hill...his new favorite location.

after church on sunday

we had a great valentine's spent with our family! After the kids went to bed, Trav and I enjoyed our own little dinner date at our kitchen table! :) nice to have uninterrupted matter where it is! :) and enjoyed a movie...Taken! ha! totally not romantic..or the movie you want to see when you have girls...but, it was a good movie! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015


One of our great friends turned we were asked to go with she and her hubby (one of my best friends since 4th great and match maker to trav and I) to celebrate her milestone bday!
She choose Nashville and we are so glad she did! We had an absolute blast! Such a fun, fun city...if you haven't need to go! Fantastic music, food and entertainment everywhere! We did a ton in the 3 days we were there...but there is so much more to see! 
Talented musicians everywhere..we kept thinking, wow, how have they not "made it" yet, but then we go to the next street or bar and this another band/singer just as good! sooo much talent!
Since everyone is trying to make it in the music industry..everywhere you turned it was a singer, songwriter, instrument player, etc...from wait staff, massage therapist, ubber name it...they were around! haha! It was cool to meet people and then google/you tube them later! of course we all took a mental note of their name in the event, one day, they make it big...we can say, we met them! haha!
The food was delicious, music was awesome and company was wonderful! all around fabulous trip!

Thanks to Gamy and Granddaddy who came to watch our kiddos so we could take the trip! 

On our way...

Nashville airport was seriously the fastest with the luggage EVER! we walked straight to baggage claim with our luggage already there! AWESOME!
First group selfie! hahahaha.

stayed at the Omni Hotel downtown! Amazing hotel and great location! 
and so smart..had my name right there on the screen to greet us! ha.

Got there at  6 and headed to our dinner at Kanye Prime! 

Food was out of this world! 
this was our appetizer...thick cut bacon, smoked and cured in syrup with a syrup cotton candy on top! Sounds disgusting..but it was absolutely delicious!

they brought Kass dessert for her bday! which..was delicious too! 

side note..this is a funny story...probably was the dirty martini's talking..but, we found out our waiter was  a singer with the band, Old County (go look them up), F, started singing "Neon Moon" and the waiter/singer sang harmony with him...we were all cracking up! only to find out later (once we got home) that his band actually does sing that song on youtube! so funny! 

we went back to the hotel after dinner before heading a block over to Broadway...the main strip!

Boys..feelin pretty good! 

went to the infamous bar, Tootsies! had 3 levels...with a different band on each floor...all of course, were excellent!

Kass writing her name on the wall!

She was such a trooper..preggo and all..but never complained once!

view from our hotel.

Friday morning, Kass and I spent the morning at the spa! She got a mommy to be package..and I got a massage and pedicure! Wonderful spa service!
but , we had to hurry to get finished and ready to go on our celebrity home tour!

Relaxed and ready to see the stars homes! :)
The boys slept in and grabbed burgers while we got pampered! 

This was little charles dickens home!

not sure who lived here..but sure! 

This was Charles..from Lady A.

and kelly pickler's,,
we saw a lot more..but..haha..i can't remember whose homes are was a 4 hour deal..and some looked pretty similar. 
majority of the new-current people, have home in gated communities or on the list for tour buses not to drive by...

one of the top ones is Taylor swift's..we also drove by the house she bought her father and another house she bought her mother..which is empty b/c she didn't like it..b/c the exterior is purple..or so our bus driver said!  ha.

after that..our nice bus driver took us to our next destination...the Grand Ole Opry..where we saw, Brandon Heath, Diamond Rio, Love and Theft..etc, etc...
such a fun show!

after that...back to broadway...
went to Honkey Tonk bar..and the band was amazing...not only great singers, but highly entertaining! so, although we were all tired..we just couldn't leave...but, eventually we did! haha.

saturday we went to brunch at the highly EVERYONE, Pancake Pantry! The line was out the door and down the street..always a good sign! ha! They even had a jug of coffee while you waited! but, actually the line moved quickly and we devoured our food! Absolutely delicious! I got the sweet potato pancakes and they were devine! Kass got the french toast and it was also scrumptious! Trav was in heaven with his it was pigs in a blanket..with meat was wrapped in a  pancake...i knew he was going to order that once I saw it! lol.


after that we went to the Greenhills Mall..and shopped around and then went back to the hotel, freshened up and then went through the Country music Hall of fame! 
Such a great walk down memory lane. Lots of cool stuff

This was elvis' Gold caddie! 

had to get the sparkle guitar for hanna..
funny..b/c on majority of everyone's memorabilia..they had paper with original copies of songs...and then you get to Taylor Swift..and it's her Mac Computer! how times have changed! ha.

piece from the original hall of fame.

that night we followed our concierges recommendation to Martin's was, again, delicious! and off the beaten path..more local!

we had dessert at Jeni's ice cream and then headed to the Listening room for some music!
It's honestly hard to pick a favorite thing we did...but this may certainly take the cake! IT WAS AWESOME! mainly b/c of the singer/songwriters there! Rhett Akins, Jonathan Singleton, Jimmy Robbins, and Laura Veltz! They all have written several #1 songs..and we sang along to everyone! such a great, great show and atmosphere!
all of the bars were non-smoking...which is a major plus in my book!

Rhett Akins (That ain't my truck)

Alabama is one of my all time favorite, followed by  Aaron Watson, Pink and Nelly! lol...i know, it's diverse! haha

so, since I can't get my pic with the real Alabama..this will have to do! 

but I did get a pic with Rhett! :)

after that show...we hit Broadway again, for one more night..had to get in 2 more infamous bars...
first stop..Swinging Doors...
where we ran into Patrick Warburton from Rules of Engagement..which just happened to be one of mine and Travis' fav, that was cool..

travis shook hands with him..

and we girls took a pic to get him in the sneaky!

Had so much fun with my hot date! this was the first probably 7 years..we have stayed up until 1:00am..for 3 consecutive nights..hitting the town! 
Wore us out..but definitely worth it! 

It was such a fun, fun, trip! but, of course we were ready to get home to our babies! our connecting flight got delayed 3, we missed telling gamy and granddaddy goodbye and thank you..since they had to catch their flight...but, luckily we have great friends/neighbors who helped watch our kiddos until we got home! So, thank  you Kasey! We owe you big time! :) 

until next time,  Nashville..b/c we will be back! :)