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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Swim Lessons...

The day finally arrived when Hanna could start swim lessons. B/c of her tubes she couldn't do them before (since she would never keep her plugs in)...and then..where we choose to attend lessons you have to be 3 before you can go by self (and this momma is not a "mommy and me kind of gal) that 1) hanna is 3 and 2) she has no tubes...lessons have started! 
She could not have been more excited. She is quite the opposite from her big brother (who we started lessons b/c of his fear..and then for technique)..but for hanna..there is no, she's in to learn how to swim..and in her words, "not sink"..haha! 
There were several occasions last summer when she would think she didn't need her floaties (b/c big bro didn't) and was then reminded..oh, i think i do need them..b/c of her natural consequence..haha.
so, to prevent those situations from happening again this summer...swim lessons are in session!
She started monday, when of course, claire was in hospital, so..daddy got to take her! and he did a great job of getting her dressed and there (thanks to ty's guidance..haha)...and also took lots of pics and videos for me...he did awesome! 
he said, she was not shy or timid at all and seemed to be having a great time...and the videos he sent, I would have to agree.
She goes at 9:30..and it's just her and her little swim partner..that's it! sooo nice!  and her swim partner is also 3..and they seemed to really hit it off! 
Afterwards, they called to tell me, all about it, and hanna said, "mommy, i didn't sink." lol. Well, that's a good thing since we are paying them to keep you safe! haha! 

Wednesday, I got to take her...thankfully, with a day of antibiotic eye drops she was ready to swim..
It was just me and her, since claire and ty stayed with my mom...and it was so fun! she just makes me laugh..and i treasure every second I get with her alone! 
Again, she was super excited..just couldn't wait! and finally it was time...

her partner was a little it was just hanna for awhile..and I could hear hanna (and of course see) yelling..."Mommy, look at me" with this big smile on her face! lol...oh, my lover of attention! But, she was soooo proud! Makes me smile and laugh thinking about it! 

of course, her favorite part is jumping in at the end (and her pink goggles...haha) ...which reminds me...i've got to find her some new pieces that her bottoms won't fall off when she jumps in..hahaha!

I asked her what she liked, gymnastics or swim..and she said, "swim"...and that's huge..coming from her..but, i knew she would love it...she has always loved to swim..i'm just excited to get another one more knowledgeable about swimming..which, in turn, makes me more confident in their abilities and more at ease at the pool! 
We'll see how she does. :) 

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