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Thursday, January 29, 2015

swim and golf lessons..

Ty finally was able to cash in a golf lesson...with the cold, icy, snowy weather..and then absolute beautiful was been hard getting an appt. b/c either it was too cold..or so nice the pros were out playing! haha! so..he finally was able to go and could not have been more excited! They worked on putting..then will go to chipping and finish on driving and hitting irons! So..he is super pumped! and he had a great time! 

while he practiced..I tried to keep me and the girls away and not a, they were entertained with water and mud! ugh! haha.

before Ty's lesson...Hanna had her fun day at swim lessons. On the last day of the session they get to jump of diving board and go on rope swing. Ty never was keen on these days..after 4 months I think he jumped once...but always did rope swing.

Hanna I knew would jump...but she did surprise me by only jumping of smaller board. Wonder by the end of her 4 months if she'll muster up the courage to jump of bigger one. 
With it being only 2 girls she was wooorrnn out by the end!  haha.

she LOVED the rope swing. she laughed the whole time and was so excited. "this is so fun." haha she even asked ty (who was watching on bleachers).."Ty, am I doing a great job?" lol! Hanna is our natural encourager/, she was looking for that from ty! haha! 
She did great..and loved just swimming around!

since she wasn't tired enough...hehe...we went to the park for a lunch was just too gorgeous to be home! once claire was long overdue for a nap we headed home! I just love beautiful, warm, no wind days! haha! getting as much outside play as we can before the cold front comes through again!  :( 

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