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Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow to Sunshine...

Midland finally received beautiful white, powdery snow..instead of the ice...that my kids think is snow..haha! 
It was absolutely gorgeous watching the big snowflakes much, I was very, very tempted to go get my kids from MDO so they could come home and play in actual snow...but, I didn' first..hehe! Sadly, it wasn't sticking once I picked them up...but, friday morning we woke up to a couple inches of snow...and so of course, we bundled up and played! it was so powdery it was hard to have a snow ball fight..or to build a snowman..but, it was perfect for snow angels! :) Poor claire's little legs had a hard time walking in it..haha..but, she loved it nonetheless!

who doesn't want snow ice-cream for a 9:00am snack??

that quickly went away..and we headed to abilene to watch brady play basketball...

Hanna and Ty were super excited to get to pick brady up..Hanna really wanted to eat lunch with brady...but considering his lunch is at 10:20ish...we obviously, weren't going to make that...but, we did pick him up...and they were so excited to see each other!

That night they had gymnastics..and wanted to show, we went to watch and Hanna has never been so still. I was worried that they both would want to go out there with them..but I think Hanna was just in awe of all all apparatus and Ty was good with his legos! haha! It was fun watching them do their thing!

sweet cousins...

saturday morning was brady's bball game! Phew! he did a great job..but 5 year old basketball is..well, lets just say, patience. they were cute..and yes, baskets were scored! It was a fun hour!..and brady definitely had the biggest cheer squad!

ty was taking pics..hehe

this game cracked me up..brady made it's duck key chains and a magnet that he tied with ribbon..and made a "magnet game" fishing for the ducks! It was a big hit..going to have to find me a magnet to do the same! oh, brady! 

we left abilene that morning and was home for lunch...and right after eating..we spent the whole day riding bikes and going on was amazing!

Ty rode his bike for 5 hours straight...and slept a little after 8 this morning..woke up to use the bathroom and then crawled back in bed and just laid there! He.was.tired!
but, it's good for him and his inner dare devil has come out with this no training wheels bike riding. He thinks he's competing for BMX or something! My cautious little boy is crazy on that bike! thank goodness for his elbow and knee pads..or he'd be pretty banged up! But, I am so proud that every time he falls he puts his thumb up and says, "I'm ok." haha! Who knew bike riding was the trick to toughen him up! lol! 

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