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Sunday, January 18, 2015

No more Training Wheels..

On Saturday, Jan 17th, 2015...Ty Lankford Roby ( a month shy of 5) learned how to ride his bike without training wheels! 
Let me just's fun to watch your kids hit milestones..rolling over, sprouting their first tooth, walking, saying "momma" (hehe)..all are wonderful and make you smile and happy! but..hitting milestones when they are older and can truly understand and appreciate their accomplishment is completely my book at least! 
We finally had a warm day to get outside so it was a perfect opportunity to learn! Ty went cold turkey and we just completely took them off..we had intended to just raise the training wheels..b/c no, we hadn't done that yet...b/c I never thought about it until we were all ready to go on a walk (which, it's usually just me and the kids during the day), it just never had happened! 
Ty did great! definitely took to it faster than we expected...he was a riding machine. of course had some spills..and couldn't quite master starting by himself...but everything else he nailed! He rode around our whole neighborhood..(and hanna)..while the rest walked (claire in stroller) and he did awesome! The park trails are still not his we always take the street route! :)
I am just so proud of my little boy..but mainly b/c how proud he was of himself and how he knows that it's an accomplishment! makes me smile for different reasons on him hitting a milestone! It's right up there with swimming! :) 
Good job, Ty!! 

we also cleaned out our garage that day and i came across some of my old ski goggles...brand new, never been high school)...and ty just loved, he thinks those are his "riding googles." hahahaha!

It was also a special time for travis to teach him..i just stayed back and of course just videoed! (good thing for phones having video or camera..or I would be out of luck)...

after our adventure..this little one came home and crashed! 

and this bike riding machine..had an early bedtime too...we let him watch a show in our room..and he feel asleep! he worked hard!

Naturally, today, he wanted to do it all over, bike riding we went! my thought of getting a bike with either a baby seat or wagon trailer is now brewing even harder now! b/c I can't keep up with ty..and i'm just not a long distance runner (or short for that matter..haha)

claire got to take her bike this time..she rode it for a bit..but really wanted hanna's bike!
Hanna also is doing great on hers..she finally got the urge to want to stay on her bike longer than the alley! ha! we still need to get her a helmet..but little miss princess doesn't go any, i feel safe letting her go without..until we make it to the store tomorrow..since I feel lots of bike rides coming up!

Claire didn't appreciate her bike! wanted to be like the big kids! haha!

I am so proud of Ty for his accomplishment....
and I am proud of Hanna for doing great on her bike too...
and of course, Claire, for always willing to tag along.haha! 

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