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Friday, January 16, 2015

Claire Bear..

Being the 3rd child, there isn't a ton of one-on -one time...but, Claire sure had made up for it with her rsv run! I am super excited to say, she has finally kicked her illness. Although she is into everything and climbing on everything, eating me out of house and hold..I would hostely rather have that than her lifeless self I witnessed for several days! SOOOOOO great hearing her laugh, nothing better, seeing her play, wanting to eat, etc! just nothing better than seeing your child happy and thriving! 
But, bc of her sickness  we have had a lot of together time..and, although I wish It was under different circumstances..I hosestly enjoyed every minute of our snuggle time. she definitely has the word, "momma" down! haha! (and I secretly love matter how many times a day she says it..hehe). 
Under doctors orders, I have had to keep her home from school (MDO) for 2 weeks...and we have had a great time just hanging out by ourselves! 
but, let me tell you, she is sooooo ready to get back to school..each morning we dropped t&h off she was trying to get out of her carseat to go...sweet baby girl...only, to just go home with me! such a let down! ha! but, we had fun!
I am just soooooooo glad to see her back to her normal self..and I hope rsv/pneumonia never catches her again! it's definitely no joke!

she loves baby's just like her sister! 
and doing tricks with her tongue.

while sisters away, we raid her necklaces! :)

finally the sun was out and we went on a walk..she loves to be outside!

and sooo glad to see her eating again..back to her ol' bottomless pit! 

such a big girl...standing and climbing on the table and chairs are her first likings...but, coloring is a good 2nd on the list.

One day, she brought me her jacket and hat..and said, "ugh"..meaning, I want to go outside..haha! just like a puppy holding a I go the hint..after awhile I put her in the swing where she laughter and laughed (best sounds ever( until she just near fell I took her inside where she napped in her bed! :)

Like I said, I wish it was under different circumstances..but I have honestly enjoyed every moment of mommy and claire time! she is such a pure joy! 
but, we are both ready for MDO next her separation has increased over this, it'll be good to get back on our normal routine!  :) 
Love our Claire Bear and the happiness she brings us! :)

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