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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Cabin Fever...literally...

Well, the weather called for ice in, it cut our houston stay a day short...but that was just the beginning! Thanks to the ice..we were stuck inside for 4 days..which was not fun for various reasons..but one being b/c all the kids had a terrible cold..with no meds to give or dr offices to go to..just some essential oils and time to run it's course...good ole pioneer/wholistic way...sadly, with claire's little self and her history of chronic lung issues...hers became, once the ice finally thawed out enough to drive and offices to open we had her an appt since she had a 103.7 fever..and wouldn't go away even with fever, saturday I took her be told she had an ear infection. hmm..not that i didn't believe that..but as a nurse and her mother...i knew something else was wrong. no tests were run b/c "her lungs sound good" and "she's just one of those chronic patients whose lungs get affected each sickness" (side note...over the last 8 months..since she was hospitalized the first time at 6M...I can not tell you how many times I have heard's like a broken record each dr tells me...and I am SOOOOO over it. No doubt (hopefully) she will "grow out of it" but in the meantime..there has to be a treatment that could reduce her least just humor me)...soooo, after 2 hours in the dr office..I got her new ab..since she had just finished her other antibiotic the day before from a previous ear infection...and went home. 
the next morning...she didn't seem to feel great...but after her seemed she took a turn..and since I missed the dr office being opened (still kicking myself for not calling earlier) I was told to take her to ER by the on call dr. So..

pure was absolutely gorgeous...but...

the damage it did to all our old beautiful trees was unbelievable. absolutely crazy. soooo many trees destroyed. great for the tree guys..since oil is least they had a secured job now..ha..but, those poor trees! just so sad! 

Back to my story...
so, since claire literally did this on my all day..and her fever wouldn't break and her breathing became extremely rapid..that's when I called the dr...and she said to take her to ER! I questioned her advice since we had the breathing treatments and antibiotics at the house..and she was nice to hear my concern..but said, they would do a work up (blood and urine) and chest X-ray in the ER..which also couldn't be done in office! so, to the ER we went. 

it was surprisingly not crowded (given the season) and didn't wait too long. They did a whole workup..and everything seemed good..gave her a breathing treatment..but that didn't help..and dr came in to tell me the infamous words, "She's a chronic lung patient..yall should move to ARIZONA!!!WHAT???) I just about came unglued...I told travis before we even got to the ER...that I was not leaving until somebody did something positive and helpful for our daughter!! and I WAS SET ON THAT! so..when he told me that...momma bear just about lost it! almost in tears I was straight up and told him that I was tired of hearing that, it's not fair to claire..and we are exhausted from this routine! I think he was taken aback from my response to his lame diagnosis..but, I think somehow began to sympathize for claire and me...and was more responsive to her illness...
shortly later.....we found that her left and center lung were whitted out..and she was positive for RSV. 
and since she couldn't keep her sats up and still had a high fever...they needed to admit her overnight! great! but, anything for our baby girl.

this is how we "slept" every night! :)

claire is just like her big bro and only sucks their thumb when they have their lovey aka "snuggie" but during this stay..her thumb was constantly in her mouth...comfort at its finest! :)

that night turned into 2 nights..almost 3! she just couldn't get off her oxygen and was not wanting to eat or, they had to keep us longer! 

FINALLY, tuesday afternoon she began to get some life and got down a little yogurt and some liquids...and perked up enough to play a little...and was completely off her oxygen...the nurse thought she still needed it..but, this one didn't! haha.

(daddy came to check on her at lunch and made her smile)...

and for the first time in 3 days, wanted to stand... it was absolutely heart warming to see! 
when we were told she was being admitted I panicked a little on how to contain a 14M 6M it was a little difficult..but she wasn't mobile then...can't imagine now! However, i didn't have to face that battle since she laid on me majority of the time..only to be put down when I had to go to the bathroom...I am not one to advocate holding your baby all day...but there are certain situations I feel it's necessary..and this was one..she would just cry and hold her hands up for me to hold questions asked...she got her way!

another side note...tuesday, hanna got sent home from school early b/c of pink, in order for her to get back to school thursday (and swim lessons wednesday) she needed her ab, daddy took her! which worked out perfectly, since my pink eye has still yet to clear up but haven't had a chance to get prescription...I asked the hospitalists for some but he "got busy" me and hanna share! :)

so, big sis and daddy came to hospital afterwards to check on us...and claire could not have been more excited to see her big sister! definitely raised her spirits and made her want to was glorious! although she stumbled around from being so weak...the fact, she wasted to was awesome!

although hanna, unintentionally, pesters claire..she is the best big sis and always looking out for her...

and the positive of being in the hospital on the pedi ICE CREAM! 

Tuesday around lunch the dr came in and said we were going to reduce IV fluids and check her I&O afterwards and go from there with possibly being discharged. at this point i didn't care what she ate or drank...I just wanted her to eat ANYTHING! it was sad and weird seeing my little garbage disposal not wanting to eat...
Awhile later...I noticed the fluid rate was still the, I called the nurse in..told her what the dr and I discussed and she reduced the rate...but came back in later and said there wasn't an order and she couldn't find the rate went back up! was she suppose to prove herself?! so..later the nurse saw him and he just let her turn off fluids! yay, hey, that works even better! so, I began forcing fluids like no other! hehe!
he was suppose to be back in at 3-4 to "reevaluate" but that didn't really about 6 he came in..apologized for not writing a script for my eye..haha..and said he had to run to a c/s but would be back to d/c her....well, thankfully that wasn't my c/s because an hour and half later..haha..the nurse came in and asked if we were ready to be d/c! haha! YES MAAM! so, we got home about 8:30 and we were so very grateful to be in our own beds! 

a few things I learned I wished the hospital had...
1) toddler utensils...each tray claire got was with adult size portions and utensils...just didn't make sense being on a "pediatric menu" haha..and I remember thinking that the first time she was there at 6M and having baby food they did the same thing..ironic!
2) DVR would be amazing...haha! I don't watch tv during the day..and i remember why now..there is nothing on! note to self..always keep a good book in the car. 
3) why do dr.'s come in at odd hours in the morning..3-4:30 am to give you an update...why, is that necessary? unless it's incredibly urgent..just let the nurse know..or tell me once the sun has began to rise! haha! 
4) you would think being admitted for respiratory issues an RT would come visit regularly..claire had her nose suctioned by 1 RT...the whole time she was there..i did it every time...just kinda ironic to me! haha! 

honestly, we had nice was a pleasant stay...but most importantly..we aren't there anymore! and claire is doing much better. Starting to get a little appetite..walking around playing with t&h and seems more lively! so, that is awesome..
Her symptoms will stay around for awhile longer..but, hopefully soon it'll all run it's course! :)

We thank everyone for all the prayers! I wasn't going to mention anything to our friends...but as the word started to get out I decided to put our situation on IG..and i am kinda glad I did...b/c i seriously could feel the prayers and know that's why claire got better! Prayer is so powerful..and we thank each and everyone said for our little girl! :)

And a big thanks to my parents for taking care of t&h while we tended to claire. so helpful having parents in the same town. thanks mom and dad!

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