Rollin' with the Roby's

Thursday, January 29, 2015

swim and golf lessons..

Ty finally was able to cash in a golf lesson...with the cold, icy, snowy weather..and then absolute beautiful was been hard getting an appt. b/c either it was too cold..or so nice the pros were out playing! haha! so..he finally was able to go and could not have been more excited! They worked on putting..then will go to chipping and finish on driving and hitting irons! So..he is super pumped! and he had a great time! 

while he practiced..I tried to keep me and the girls away and not a, they were entertained with water and mud! ugh! haha.

before Ty's lesson...Hanna had her fun day at swim lessons. On the last day of the session they get to jump of diving board and go on rope swing. Ty never was keen on these days..after 4 months I think he jumped once...but always did rope swing.

Hanna I knew would jump...but she did surprise me by only jumping of smaller board. Wonder by the end of her 4 months if she'll muster up the courage to jump of bigger one. 
With it being only 2 girls she was wooorrnn out by the end!  haha.

she LOVED the rope swing. she laughed the whole time and was so excited. "this is so fun." haha she even asked ty (who was watching on bleachers).."Ty, am I doing a great job?" lol! Hanna is our natural encourager/, she was looking for that from ty! haha! 
She did great..and loved just swimming around!

since she wasn't tired enough...hehe...we went to the park for a lunch was just too gorgeous to be home! once claire was long overdue for a nap we headed home! I just love beautiful, warm, no wind days! haha! getting as much outside play as we can before the cold front comes through again!  :( 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow to Sunshine...

Midland finally received beautiful white, powdery snow..instead of the ice...that my kids think is snow..haha! 
It was absolutely gorgeous watching the big snowflakes much, I was very, very tempted to go get my kids from MDO so they could come home and play in actual snow...but, I didn' first..hehe! Sadly, it wasn't sticking once I picked them up...but, friday morning we woke up to a couple inches of snow...and so of course, we bundled up and played! it was so powdery it was hard to have a snow ball fight..or to build a snowman..but, it was perfect for snow angels! :) Poor claire's little legs had a hard time walking in it..haha..but, she loved it nonetheless!

who doesn't want snow ice-cream for a 9:00am snack??

that quickly went away..and we headed to abilene to watch brady play basketball...

Hanna and Ty were super excited to get to pick brady up..Hanna really wanted to eat lunch with brady...but considering his lunch is at 10:20ish...we obviously, weren't going to make that...but, we did pick him up...and they were so excited to see each other!

That night they had gymnastics..and wanted to show, we went to watch and Hanna has never been so still. I was worried that they both would want to go out there with them..but I think Hanna was just in awe of all all apparatus and Ty was good with his legos! haha! It was fun watching them do their thing!

sweet cousins...

saturday morning was brady's bball game! Phew! he did a great job..but 5 year old basketball is..well, lets just say, patience. they were cute..and yes, baskets were scored! It was a fun hour!..and brady definitely had the biggest cheer squad!

ty was taking pics..hehe

this game cracked me up..brady made it's duck key chains and a magnet that he tied with ribbon..and made a "magnet game" fishing for the ducks! It was a big hit..going to have to find me a magnet to do the same! oh, brady! 

we left abilene that morning and was home for lunch...and right after eating..we spent the whole day riding bikes and going on was amazing!

Ty rode his bike for 5 hours straight...and slept a little after 8 this morning..woke up to use the bathroom and then crawled back in bed and just laid there! He.was.tired!
but, it's good for him and his inner dare devil has come out with this no training wheels bike riding. He thinks he's competing for BMX or something! My cautious little boy is crazy on that bike! thank goodness for his elbow and knee pads..or he'd be pretty banged up! But, I am so proud that every time he falls he puts his thumb up and says, "I'm ok." haha! Who knew bike riding was the trick to toughen him up! lol! 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

No more Training Wheels..

On Saturday, Jan 17th, 2015...Ty Lankford Roby ( a month shy of 5) learned how to ride his bike without training wheels! 
Let me just's fun to watch your kids hit milestones..rolling over, sprouting their first tooth, walking, saying "momma" (hehe)..all are wonderful and make you smile and happy! but..hitting milestones when they are older and can truly understand and appreciate their accomplishment is completely my book at least! 
We finally had a warm day to get outside so it was a perfect opportunity to learn! Ty went cold turkey and we just completely took them off..we had intended to just raise the training wheels..b/c no, we hadn't done that yet...b/c I never thought about it until we were all ready to go on a walk (which, it's usually just me and the kids during the day), it just never had happened! 
Ty did great! definitely took to it faster than we expected...he was a riding machine. of course had some spills..and couldn't quite master starting by himself...but everything else he nailed! He rode around our whole neighborhood..(and hanna)..while the rest walked (claire in stroller) and he did awesome! The park trails are still not his we always take the street route! :)
I am just so proud of my little boy..but mainly b/c how proud he was of himself and how he knows that it's an accomplishment! makes me smile for different reasons on him hitting a milestone! It's right up there with swimming! :) 
Good job, Ty!! 

we also cleaned out our garage that day and i came across some of my old ski goggles...brand new, never been high school)...and ty just loved, he thinks those are his "riding googles." hahahaha!

It was also a special time for travis to teach him..i just stayed back and of course just videoed! (good thing for phones having video or camera..or I would be out of luck)...

after our adventure..this little one came home and crashed! 

and this bike riding machine..had an early bedtime too...we let him watch a show in our room..and he feel asleep! he worked hard!

Naturally, today, he wanted to do it all over, bike riding we went! my thought of getting a bike with either a baby seat or wagon trailer is now brewing even harder now! b/c I can't keep up with ty..and i'm just not a long distance runner (or short for that matter..haha)

claire got to take her bike this time..she rode it for a bit..but really wanted hanna's bike!
Hanna also is doing great on hers..she finally got the urge to want to stay on her bike longer than the alley! ha! we still need to get her a helmet..but little miss princess doesn't go any, i feel safe letting her go without..until we make it to the store tomorrow..since I feel lots of bike rides coming up!

Claire didn't appreciate her bike! wanted to be like the big kids! haha!

I am so proud of Ty for his accomplishment....
and I am proud of Hanna for doing great on her bike too...
and of course, Claire, for always willing to tag along.haha! 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Claire Bear..

Being the 3rd child, there isn't a ton of one-on -one time...but, Claire sure had made up for it with her rsv run! I am super excited to say, she has finally kicked her illness. Although she is into everything and climbing on everything, eating me out of house and hold..I would hostely rather have that than her lifeless self I witnessed for several days! SOOOOOO great hearing her laugh, nothing better, seeing her play, wanting to eat, etc! just nothing better than seeing your child happy and thriving! 
But, bc of her sickness  we have had a lot of together time..and, although I wish It was under different circumstances..I hosestly enjoyed every minute of our snuggle time. she definitely has the word, "momma" down! haha! (and I secretly love matter how many times a day she says it..hehe). 
Under doctors orders, I have had to keep her home from school (MDO) for 2 weeks...and we have had a great time just hanging out by ourselves! 
but, let me tell you, she is sooooo ready to get back to school..each morning we dropped t&h off she was trying to get out of her carseat to go...sweet baby girl...only, to just go home with me! such a let down! ha! but, we had fun!
I am just soooooooo glad to see her back to her normal self..and I hope rsv/pneumonia never catches her again! it's definitely no joke!

she loves baby's just like her sister! 
and doing tricks with her tongue.

while sisters away, we raid her necklaces! :)

finally the sun was out and we went on a walk..she loves to be outside!

and sooo glad to see her eating again..back to her ol' bottomless pit! 

such a big girl...standing and climbing on the table and chairs are her first likings...but, coloring is a good 2nd on the list.

One day, she brought me her jacket and hat..and said, "ugh"..meaning, I want to go outside..haha! just like a puppy holding a I go the hint..after awhile I put her in the swing where she laughter and laughed (best sounds ever( until she just near fell I took her inside where she napped in her bed! :)

Like I said, I wish it was under different circumstances..but I have honestly enjoyed every moment of mommy and claire time! she is such a pure joy! 
but, we are both ready for MDO next her separation has increased over this, it'll be good to get back on our normal routine!  :) 
Love our Claire Bear and the happiness she brings us! :)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Swim Lessons...

The day finally arrived when Hanna could start swim lessons. B/c of her tubes she couldn't do them before (since she would never keep her plugs in)...and then..where we choose to attend lessons you have to be 3 before you can go by self (and this momma is not a "mommy and me kind of gal) that 1) hanna is 3 and 2) she has no tubes...lessons have started! 
She could not have been more excited. She is quite the opposite from her big brother (who we started lessons b/c of his fear..and then for technique)..but for hanna..there is no, she's in to learn how to swim..and in her words, "not sink"..haha! 
There were several occasions last summer when she would think she didn't need her floaties (b/c big bro didn't) and was then reminded..oh, i think i do need them..b/c of her natural consequence..haha.
so, to prevent those situations from happening again this summer...swim lessons are in session!
She started monday, when of course, claire was in hospital, so..daddy got to take her! and he did a great job of getting her dressed and there (thanks to ty's guidance..haha)...and also took lots of pics and videos for me...he did awesome! 
he said, she was not shy or timid at all and seemed to be having a great time...and the videos he sent, I would have to agree.
She goes at 9:30..and it's just her and her little swim partner..that's it! sooo nice!  and her swim partner is also 3..and they seemed to really hit it off! 
Afterwards, they called to tell me, all about it, and hanna said, "mommy, i didn't sink." lol. Well, that's a good thing since we are paying them to keep you safe! haha! 

Wednesday, I got to take her...thankfully, with a day of antibiotic eye drops she was ready to swim..
It was just me and her, since claire and ty stayed with my mom...and it was so fun! she just makes me laugh..and i treasure every second I get with her alone! 
Again, she was super excited..just couldn't wait! and finally it was time...

her partner was a little it was just hanna for awhile..and I could hear hanna (and of course see) yelling..."Mommy, look at me" with this big smile on her face! lol...oh, my lover of attention! But, she was soooo proud! Makes me smile and laugh thinking about it! 

of course, her favorite part is jumping in at the end (and her pink goggles...haha) ...which reminds me...i've got to find her some new pieces that her bottoms won't fall off when she jumps in..hahaha!

I asked her what she liked, gymnastics or swim..and she said, "swim"...and that's huge..coming from her..but, i knew she would love it...she has always loved to swim..i'm just excited to get another one more knowledgeable about swimming..which, in turn, makes me more confident in their abilities and more at ease at the pool! 
We'll see how she does. :)