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Friday, December 5, 2014

Santa Claus is Coming to Town...

Once December hit and we heard santa was going to be at a store...we,  of course, had to go see him. Ty is very into santa, the meaning of christmas and anything/everything christmas this year...Hanna loves singing along as we have only listened to Christmas songs in the car...and together they love singing songs and Ty enjoys correcting telling Hanna about anything/everything Santa and Christmas....Claire just goes along! ha! 

Ty and Hanna both were very excited about seeing Santa but when it came down to it...Ty was the only one who really liked him. 
Hanna was a little hesitant but finely gained some nerve to stand next to him..talking was a little out of the question but she so sweetly and innocently answered, "a sparkle baby doll" when Santa asked what she wanted for christmas....and then he complimented her nail polish and quickly gained her trust! It was pretty sweet. 
Ty told him what he wanted, "A stick on the wall, ninja turtle, hang glider" and that was it...and later told us Santa knows exactly what he's talking about and the elves can make anything! ha! Then He needs to get on hanna's "sparkle baby doll" then..b/c that's a tough one! ha!

Claire, of course, like her older sibs did not like Santa at this age! so yes, we let her cry for a bit in order to get a couple of pics...and then we rescued her! haha! 
Hanna later told us she just wanted a cookie and milk and that's why she liked Santa! haha! (They give out milk and cookies..and candy canes)..haha..that's such a typical hanna response..She'll do anything for a cookie. and since we tortured Claire..she also got a cookie! :)
Overall, I would consider it a success...and now Santa knows what they want for christmas! :) (except it keeps changing...haha). 

Waiting in line for Santa...

Hanna not quite sure about him..

big boy ty...and poor claire..

Hanna finally remembered the cookies and got in the picture..

This is the Santa we see every year...but this year he seemed exceptionally nice...he knew hanna was timid and very calmly and nonchalantly got her to let go of travis' hand and hold really was a sweet little moment. And after he gained the liking from hanna, he spoke to Ty about what he wanted and a little about him.  Very nice Santa.

and you know you're a shoe in with Hanna when you notice her fingernail polish! haha.

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