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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cookies and Canvas...

Sunday night, Hanna and I got to attend the Mother-daughter Canvas and Cookies party at our church. When we got the invitation in the mail that's all Hanna could talk about (along with "when I can I open my presents" for christmas)..haha.
Since it didn't start until 7...I knew my little girl HAD TO TAKE A NAP..or she would never make it. So, she stayed in her room until FINALLY she fell asleep! yay! so, come 7:00 she was ready to go. 
we had to wear our christmas jammies and bring an extra shirt for the littles to paint in! Hanna of course, wanted to bring her "pink apron" that she always wears when we bake or color! 
It was such a fun night! We have a super creative and talented children's minister that puts so much effort and time into all the parties...but this one was amazing. It was in our church gym..but she had a big pvc pipe "room" that curtains hung from and lights to make it more cozy and not so big! It was super cute. my description does not do it justice. 
Hot chocolate and all kinds of cookies were served! In the last year or so, of all the parties Trav and I have gone to with our kids, they have always had a great turnout...but this one was HUGE! around 75 people RSVP'd and an additional 20 showed almost 100 kids there! It was crazy awesome! 
They had the canvas' set up with paint and paintbrushes ready to create masterpieces. We have several talented members of our church...and so one lead the painting...and one photographed to capture sweet moments!
Hanna of course, like any 3 year old, wanted to do it "all by myself", I let her. I helped guide a few times..but to prevent any melt downs from happening, I let her do her thing! she actually did pretty good..but I think her favorite was rinsing off her brush and soaking dabbing paper towels into the water to clean her hands off! haha! 
We had so much fun and she was soooo proud of her picture...and all the marshmallows she added to her hot cocoa! lol.
We love our church and this is another reason why! 

blank canvas ready to paint..

of all the cookies, naturally, hanna chose the pink one and sparkle one...and  mommy had to throw in a white chocolate peppermint! :)

painting her snow! 
got a little anxious and impatient while waiting...and added a dab of blue! haha.

this is when I came in to guide..her tree..
Remember in the movie StepMom when Julia Roberts helps the girl paint and does the whole "swoosh" sound while painting leaves (or something)...we totally did that too! :) haha.

We were instructed to write something next to the lyrics, bible verse, whatever it may be.....and so hanna chose her name! lol.

she was sooo into this painting thing...stood in her chair to reach and had one hand on her hip and very intently painting away...she definitely was playing the role of artist! haha.

and her beautiful masterpiece!
I just love it!
Must be a little her tree is leaning over! haha!

I love at all the parties there is a photo-op for parents and kids...this was our mommy-daughter one! :) 

When we got home I wanted to take a pic of hanna and her painting in front of the tree....
First thing out of hanna's mouth...."this is how the cheerleaders do it." hahaha! Midriff and all...she had the cheerleader stunt down! ha.

after being a cheerleader I got his one...although her belly is still was the wrap! b/c it was way past her bedtime!

I had so much fun with my little big girl! She cracks me up and I cherish our one on one time! Thank GCR for making this sweet date happen! :) 

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  1. Ya'll are both too cute! Looks like such fun and the art is soo cute! It'll bring so many sweet memories when you hang it up every year. We miss you guys!