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Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas...round 1...

This year we celebrated christmas with my side of the family the weekend before christmas...since we leave for houston christmas day to spend a few days there!
I always love when the whole family gets together..a good time is always had! the kids always have a great time with their cousins and play themselves out..which means a successful weekend. 
My sister and family came down friday afternoon after our big ,kinder brady got out of school! My sister and I were never allowed to skip school...and thus, neither is brady! haha!  
Friday night we spent the night with my parents to just spend more time with everyone and not rush. We started doing that a few years back and we all really like it!
So, saturday we woke up (way to early) had a big, delicious, tony's bakery breakfast..haha..and started opening gifts like at 7:45! haha..the kids had waited long enough! haha! 
After the kids opened all their gifts, it was the adults turn. We are very blessed!
Afterwards, we had lunch and just laid and played around! 
Later that afternoon the guys helped my dad switch furniture around and start the installation for my moms new pantry my dad built. 
I told them that's the only way he allowed my sister and I to get married...for help! haha.
after that, we had another delicious meal...and then decided to spend the night again. I always pack heavy (haha).so, we all had enough clothes! haha.
Church didn't start until 10 that next morning so it was nice taking our time...although that was not a great church service time for claire...haha! 
After church we all went back to my parents, to, yet again, stuff our faces...with another scrumptious meal! 
After we all loaded up our loot...we headed home..and it didn't take our kids but a few minutes to fall asleep! haha..they were tired kiddos! 

Claire, hasn't sleep well in awhile..since she has 3 things going against her...ear infection, 3 teeth coming in and coughing/ breathing, she was ready for a, she was allowed to open a few gifts earlier than the others...but, then rallied (who needs a nap) to watch everyone else and open a few more! 

our little shroder..haha.

hanna, opened EVERY SINGLE GIFT..held it up and wanted me to take her picture! haha.  so, it took her FOREVER to open her

lots of legos, games and switch and go dinos for brady bear...and guess, who will start gymnastics!! This guy>>>>>>>

ty was given golf lessons...and can.not.wait. he's super pumped...and his ready to beat his

ty got 2 of his Santa wish list items (the t-rex switch and go dino and remote control shell raiser) so he's a little confused what santa will bring him.haha. 

he was also super pumped about the video game his aunt casey gave him...loves that. 
basically, he loved everything! haha.

lots of barbies, dolls and girlie stuff for hanna.

Meme found these adorable aprons for the girls...

Hanna was so excited about her "mercia doll"...

she takes her everywhere.

this little lady bug is the cutest toy..perfect for can chase it and then it spits balls out...another favorite of hers! great entertainer toy!

claire got her a bitty baby...which she loved...

meme also got the girls these "sparkle scarf"

table and chairs for my kids...

the worlds largest doll house for sophi...and boy was she excited. I wish I had a view of her jaw dropping face! too cute. it was a big hit for all the kids...haha. 

and this is where  you saw sophi the rest of the weekend! 


This is what happens when the girls have matching outfits and are in charge of dressing themselves...haha...oops, they put on each others...haha.

Hanna and her new BFF.

the girls used each and every doll they got..and the boys used their toys to play with the house. haha.

installation begins..

Sunday at church..
kids were called to the front to sing..Ty was all about it..and hanna and sophi also went..but brady chose to stay behind! 
They sang "silent night" and "jingle bells"

All brady wants is his 2 front teeth...hehe

We had an absolute wonderful christmas and am extremely blessed! 

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