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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Dance recital...

Hanna LOVES to dance and perform...for her family...but when in crowds she tends to lock up...just kind of depends on her mood and if she's tired or, last spring for her first dance recital...she basically just stood, wait...there was no basically about it...she did..with her finger in her mouth! It was in a real auditorium with the lights, big audience, lots of "to-do" about she got stage fright..i guess! haha! 
This dance recital it was at the dress rehearsal, (which, not going to lie, i was a little concerned..haha)just get there 10 minutes big lights..just a small stage, family and friends and a few mall spectators watching as they passed by...and there might have been a bribe of chick-fil-a if she actually did her dance that she has done all.the.time at home!
It was time for her cute little class to get on stage...i purposefully did not take her up there b/c i didn't want her to cling to me as she will do....
Ty and I crept to the front where he videoed (and did so great) such a great big bro...and I took pics with my camera..and my phone (lol..yes, I am totally that mom with all the gadgets..although my camera and phone both do video and pics...i feel i need each individual device..haha)...
Luckily, my parents where there to help with our stuff and hold claire..haha! she stuck with my dad..
Their music to "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" came on and I wondered what little miss priss was going to do...
and she rocked it! lol. even smiled a few times! 
Those little girls are just sooooo cute...and with their costumes just adds to the cuteness...but as a mom, man, dance recital days can be stressful. I can't imagine how the true dance moms do it! phew! It's a lot of work and I don't even do half of it...ha! 
But, she and her friends did sooooo great...therefore, chick-fil-a we ate! :) 
Wonder what I'll have to bribe next recital! haha.
So proud of my little dancer!

Trying to curl her hair....If you've seen my  hair, you know I am terrible at hair...and I am kinda lost with how to curl hanna's hair and make it stay! Her straight as a board hair is a challenge! 

little curls, little blush, lipstick and mascara...and we are all set..only to have her smear her mascara down her cheek a few minutes later..haha.

these 2 sweet girls sure can make you smile. 

mom-mom and her little shadow...side note...hanna knows exactly where mom-mom's lipstick and finger nail polish are..whether it be in her purse or always know when hanna has been around! haha.

are they not sooo precious!

my little ballerina


pase's...yes, I have learned all the technical terms from my 2-3 year old. :) 

apparently, this is her favorite move..ha.

before the show, daddy and Ty had gone to get her flowers...and she was so excited..but, Ty was also super excited about the flowers and wanted to get, "Hanna, Hallie and June" flowers as well...(hanna's sweet little friends) 
If Ty is smart enough to snatch up hallie...we'll definitely agree to his decision! 

Hanna loved her pink flowers (i mean what other color is there)...but was incredibly sweet and asked if she could give them to miss Kimmee (her teacher)....of course, I agreed. so, she walked over and gave her flowers to her awesome teacher! I was so proud of her dancing..but her thoughtful way surpassed any dance...i was so proud! 

Grandpa cancelled a tee-time to be there and daddy and ty waited to leave for the deer lease..all to watch our little tiny dancer! 
she certainly is a loved little girl.

Great Job, Hanna James! what a difference it was from last time...but, we love her the same regardless! 

Later that night...
This super cute little hunter and his handsome daddy....went to the deer lease..

Where Ty and Travis shot 2 pigs. Ty absolutely, 100% loves the deer lease and everything about it...he gets sooooo excited and loves telling me every little detail about their days there...and of course, Travis eats it up! He's DYING to shoot all by himself...but maybe next first! Travis loves that his little boy enjoys hunting just as much as he does. No doubt they have a great time together...and the fact ty is old enough to really understand, whisper and hold is own has really been fun for travis this worst fear came a couple weeks ago when ty was about 5 feet from a coiled up rattle snake..that came out of the den (they pass by every time to get to that blind) bask in the warm sun. my heart still can race...but I thank God...that nothing bad happened...and it was a good(yet incredibly scary) reminder for my little hunters! Luckily, it scurried back in the den bc travis didn't have a gun (only his bow) with him...another lesson learned...he will ALWAYS carry a gun with him..ha! but, no snakes seen this trip...and for that I am thankful...but too bad this hog can't say the same! Ty wanted to keep it for bacon...but, that didn't happen either! haha...I can't wait for them to get home and hear the details of the hunt...which can lasts hours..and I usually have to cut him off b/c church comes early...and it's always waaayyy past his bedtime when they get home! 

another successful day at the deer lease! 

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