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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas 2014...

This year for christmas we stayed home for Santa to bring presents to our house...since Ty completely understands and questions everything about Santa...and then will travel to Houston, christmas day morning to be with our family there for a few days. 
Travis took the day before christmas eve off..and then will have several days off, that's nice having him around (he might think otherwise..haha). 
Ty has been all about breakfast in bed..and is adamant about doing the cooking...I have not been to the grocery store since we haven't been home much and will not be for a few, our choices are limited. My sister got me a waffle maker, that I asked for, for christmas..and ty has loved that. Christmas eve morning, since we ran out of pancake mix, he got to put a frozen waffle into the toaster..haha...that was good enough for him. haha.
I did a few last minute errands but otherwise, we just hung out...until after rest/ nap time...and presents were opened. 
It's kind of ironic...I am Christian...and grew up in a very Christian household..and Travis and I also lay a Christian Foundation..but, the 2 church services we seem to never make..are Easter and christmas...ha! But, we are there every other Sunday in the year! With our holiday plans we have our family christmas on christmas eve night..and therefore, don't make a christmas service! 
So, after we opened presents...we cooked dinner, had bath time and then kids hit the hay! 
Ty was trying to be strong and hold back the tears but he was scared he was going to see he did last year...ha! Apparently, he "saw his bottom going up the chimney."
Since he, and now hanna, find their way in our bed in the middle of the night...ty was scared he was going to run into Santa again this year..haha! but, after many discussions and sitting by his bedside for awhile...he finally gave it up! ha!
But, yes, it is always difficult for "santa and mrs claus" to get their job done when the paranoia of your kids creeping to your room will get you busted! 
We didn't have too many toys to put together this year...that was nice. but we assembled them upstairs and while travis kept an eye out (nice one trav..haha) I brought the gifts downstairs! It worked! and at 9:30 we were in bed! haha! waiting and wondering when we will hear footsteps! 
I absolutely love giving my kids gifts and being santa and seeing their face light up...never gets old! 
So, trav and I are just as anxious for them to see their santa gives!

Claire is up...and ready to open presents...

one peek of the box and Ty got excited! Ty gets soooooo excited about his gifts..which just makes your heart warm and smile!

another nerf gun...our yards, house and car are covered in nerf bullets...but, yet, i get him more...Why? haha.

puzzles for claire! 

Hanna's violet came with the books that she will read aloud...but, hanna called them "baby books" and gave them to claire...and since claire LOVES was perfect! Haha.

and the bow and arrow Ty was wanting! 

playdoh cupcakes...that I was served all night! :)

and hanna got an ergo baby for her baby dolls...and she tells me, "oh mommy, thank I don't have to hold my baby all the time." lol. she cracks me up!

NT headphones...that are kid safe so he will keep it turned down! he loves listening to music on "his phone" or kindle..but I am constantly telling him to turn it, he got these! haha! 

and claire got a "little violet" scout!

and a nursery set...

planes fire and rescue, dusty for ty!

waiting on santa...
hanna's list:
Sparkle baby doll...
Ty;s list:
Ninja turtle zip line
Fire Truck and helicopter legos

santa came...

WE hope you all have a very Merry Christmas...we certainly  have...and it will continue as we spend more time with family. 

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