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Saturday, November 15, 2014

What goes in..must come out..

When Hanna was 10 months old she had tubes put in b/c of too many ear infections. A couple days after tubes were in she got another double ear infection..but 2 years later, she hasn't had a single one! (woohoo). I always have dr's look in her ears to see if they have fallen out..and they never had...but, we learned this summer, after she was complaining of her ear hurting after swimming a lot at gamy and granddaddy's, that one had fallen out (yay)...and I think she had swimmers ear b/c of it! So, we got an ear drop antibiotic. Later we had another check up at her ENT to see if the other had fallen out..and it of course, hadn't. So, he wanted to do surgery then..right in the thick of summer. No big deal except you can't get your ears wet for 6 weeks..umm...that would've been absolute torture to Hanna..who loves to swim. So, I postponed it..until august...and then again until sept...(hoping it would fall out...and waiting until swim season was officially over) her 3 year checkup it was still in we went ahead with the surgery. After the pre-op at the ENT he said it was still perfectly in place and the one that had fallen out was stuck on her got them taken out! 

We were at the hospital at 6...and waited an hour and a half until we went back to holding room...that Dr. goes by since she was older she was near the back of the line. She did great in the room waiting..caught her self dosing off..and then would immediately wake up and move around..haha...she then got real restless so we looked out the window at the beautiful scenery of the hospital roof..haha...and then went into the hall where she saw other kids being wheeled off..finally it was our turn...I rode on the stretcher with her and when it was time to take her i told the nurse, "it's not going to be pretty." We tried to prep her and tell her what was going to happen..mainly, that mommy and daddy couldn't go..but would be right here when she got didn't really work. She was in all tears being carried back. No matter how many times you have done it or know they will be's still never easy leaving your kids like that...especially to strangers! The nurse said, " we are going to blow up balloons." Which actually Hanna  loves to do..but not that day! 
A whole 5 minutes later she was done...and Dr Patel came out to tell us how surgery went. He said that one tube was being covered by, no wonder after 2 years it never came, I am so glad we went ahead with it! Oddly, only one parent is allowed in, since I went last time..Travis got to this time...although i was ready to bust through those doors to see her. 
a few short minutes later, they were wheeling she and trav out the doors and I was able to see my baby girl. I was telling her what a great job she did and how brave she was...and she said, "I just cry a little..I didn't want to go blow up balloons." lol! 
The good (yet bad) thing about a 5 min the scant amount of anesthesia they give wears off immediately! haha!
We had to wait 30 min afterwards until we could go home...and then we were out the door...and hanna could not wait to see her "brudder and claire." 
but, first a stop at the donut shop...for our brave little girl...and her family! hehe! 

Just waiting...

daddy, may or may not have dozed off in this bed while we waited..haha. 

After surgery..being her silly self.

and she's out! she walked down the hall and waved to all the nurses like she owned the place..haha! 

We are thankful for a great, successful surgery..and I hope we never have to see the ENT or hospital again...(minus our follow-up appt). 

On another note...Travis took Ty and Hanna all by himself to the Tech game...they had a blast and stayed the whole time! Travis is a great dad and I know they had a wonderful time together..while me and Claire stayed home (who is officially walking) 

This was  Hanna's "cheerleader" pose but, in the grass couldn't keep her thankful for fences..haha! 

They made it...and no doubt cheered their little hearts out..

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