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Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving parties...

I felt like we were just having their Halloween parties..and now all the moms are back for the thanksgiving  feast. 
This year the kids school did their "Thanksgiving feast" a little different since the church's big fellowship room is under construction! So..instead of having a big lunch feast they did individual class "feasts" where moms were in charge of providing, "turkey roll-ups, fruit, cookies and drinks." but, let me tell you..having a turkey roll up for a "party" wasn't the favorite of every little kiddo..haha! Ty's class, however,  had a thanksgiving meal for lunch instead of the hot lunch pizza that everyone else got! I know, it makes no sense...everyone should have had their "feast" for lunch..but, that's what they that's what we did.! So, for Ty's class we just did cookie, fruit and drinks! 

Like always, once Hanna sees me she clings to me and doesn't eat a bite of her party we always just take her plate with us to crash Ty's party! She was still being a stinker in his class and not wanting to take a picture...but, Ty did! :) (love my little boy). 

They got their bellies full and then we went and grabbed Claire...

I tried to get their picture together..but this is the best I got! Ha

Ty's Thanksgiving crafts...

and hanna's. Hanna apparently had one more..but since we left early we missed it! 

No thanksgiving craft for claire! 

We are all partied out....and ready for a relaxing week off of life group, gymnastics/dance, e-teen, school...etc! we are just going to be home and relax...(and break my cardinal rule of no christmas until after thanksgiving...every rule is made to be broken, right?) 

Saturday, while daddy played dodgeball with his E-teen and the kids braved the mall to buy for our angel family! Since they did so well, we all enjoyed a delicious where else...chick fil a..I mean, is there really anywhere else in my kids minds??

later that afternoon in between the rain (yes, it rained..and it was wonderful)...ty and hanna helped daddy get our christmas lights out...all before the Tech game! :)

Ty is all about decorating the, he's in charge of the "kid tree" that consist of all their craft ornaments they've racked up over the years! ...this is definitely the cutest tree in the house!  but, still in progress..

how else do you watch the tech game???

now my sweet little boy is starting off our thanksgiving break with the stomach bug!!!UGH!~ he gets it all the stinkin time and I hate it for him. But, the good thing, the older he gets, he knows when it's that is very helpful! but, still never good! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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