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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014...

This year for Thanksgiving we stayed in Midland with the Lankford side...We ate incredibly way to much (or at least I did)...had lots of family time...watched football..ate..talked..ate...and just enjoyed family time with my parents, sister and fam, Betty Fay, meme and her friend, Leon.
It was a wonderful time with excellent cooking by my mom... if you left with an empty stomach it was definitely your own fault! :)
Ty wanted to spend the night with brady wed of course, Hanna did as well. It was already a full house there..but they stayed..and although Travis and I slept great at our house..hehe.. (no kids crawling in bed with us)..apparently, it was not the same situation at my parents...and the kids stayed up way too late..cue, the grumpy kids the next day! 
Hanna took an extremely early nap about 9:30 on thursday...which made a big difference for her! 
We eat our "thanksgiving feast" as the kids call it at and then gear up for the Cowboy game! It was a beautiful weekend, so a lot of outdoor play and TV porch watching happened.
My favorite holiday and another year that I am reminded of that! 
We are truly blessed...and have a lot to be thankful for...

Mom-Mom and Grandpa with the grandkids...

Our Clan...

my sister and fam..

This is Claire's favorite spot...she may or may not have broken one..sorry about that mom.

this is why nobody slept wednesday night..nice try..but, they were all separated...

and why this one took an early nap the following day...

they all played so hard for 3 days!

Claire absolutely loves her Aunt Casey...

this one was constantly finding her way to the kitchen...

our wonderful chef..

claire really enjoyed uncle Daniel's favorite dessert..chocolate layer delight.

Brady is going to ask for his front tooth for christmas...since he has lost another tooth.

miss priss wanted to eat her "bazzert" at the adult table.

Friday after we helped mom get her christmas decor was "grandpa's bday party." we had chocolate, PB, graham cracker balls...and the kids made him beautiful was a great "surprise party."

and she's back to her spot..

 Ty and Brady made their christmas list..

Claire cheering on the cowboys...

while the woman wrestled the dishes, and kids....the men got a nice nap

after a little snooze..the girls fished with Grandpa..

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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