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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Birthday, Claire...

Wow, How time Flies! and just like that our baby girl is 1! (insert tear). 
So, so hard to believe. 

Claire is just the sweetest little girl (knock on wood, hope it continues..haha)...she has a constant smile (for the most part) and, so far, a built in guilty conscience. She'll always look back to see if she can proceed with her action if she thinks it's questionable...or if you tell her, "not to do that" she'll stop and crawl elsewhere! Sure hope that continues..hehe!
She loves to climb though...and is pretty quick about it. she's had a few spills but, lessons learned..for a bit anyway.

She isn't quite walking yet...most she's taken are 3 steps...but you can tell she really, really wants to..she just needs that confidence...but when you face dive a lot..seems to take your courage away! haha. She just tries to keep up with Ty and Hanna and crawling can get her there quicker. 
However, T &H are great helpers and big supporters of her learning to walk. They are constantly wanting her to walk to them! such sweet, big sibs! 
She is sick about every other week or she's constantly on breathing treatments. We are hoping and praying this version of treatment will heal her!!! I hate that she is always wheezing, coughing, etc. etc. but, it typically doesn't slow her down..bless her heart! 

we have her checkup tomorrow so, i'll get to see her stats..but, i can definitely tell she's gaining weight...but still not big enough to turn around to forward facing, she will be soon!

She loves to play, peek a boo, sing songs, put items into things. pull everything out of drawers..everything a typical 1 year old does, she's right on target! ha!
says, "uh-oh" and thank you...but it's more like "an-u" or something like that!
LOVES to be around people and gets so excited to see people.
She's our tiny little girl whom we love sooooo very much! 
Happy birthday, Claire Bear.

First sugar rush...her bday cake..
wasn't too sure about it...but then again she had a fever and was on coughing, we were grateful she smiled a few times. 

fist pumps to being 1!

ty and hanna wanted to "help show her" what to do! haha.

our precious little pumpkin! 

A very special little girl and I am beyond blessed God chose me as her mommy! :)

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