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Monday, November 10, 2014

Hanna's Pink Princess Party...

Another year, another birthday party in our church's gym! haha! 
This year for Hanna's 3rd birthday all she wanted was a "pink-sparkle-princess party." So, since she really doesn't know the Disney princess's..since she still doesn't watch much tv....we just did a princess-esque party...and her favorite things..with!
She apparently hurt her leg while playing before guests arrived and primarily stayed on my hip the whole time...but she tells me she had a great time.  
Although she is not our shy child...when she gets in big crowds she clams, that didn't help her shyness...even though she knew everyone there! ha! 
After people started to leave and she had the place to her self again, she bounced non-stop, ran around and became her self again...guess her leg was healed! haha! 
We have a great group of friends and family that came to help celebrate our little girl...and very thankful for them. 

Bouncy house is always a hit...

lots and lots of pink cupcakes...and of course, the pink chocolate covered popcorn...

Since Hanna loves her dance class...and Angelina Ballerina...we did the ballerina tutu marshmallow pops! definitely a hit with the kids! 

A few months back we found the "pink princess goldfish" (literally their name) at Target and grabbed some and they have been hiding in our pantry ever since..b/c I wasn't sure how long they would be out...:) so, no, I didn't die these pink! haha.

fruit princess wands..

for party favors we gave out princess crowns for the girls..
and knight swords for the boys... (helps she has an older brother)..haha.

 Hanna is still a picky eater..but hot dogs seem to be a we served hot dogs..

Hanna also loves, necklaces were made...

cousin Addison making a necklace..with baby Elly watching...:)

the Roby clan..

our birthday princess...

she was pretty shy and trying to hid in my shoulder while we sang to her..but came alive when it was time to blow the candles out. 

I'm sure this convo with Uncle Brian was about either football or ninja turtles...

Hanna's sweet friends..and mommas.

So glad our little girl had a great time...and maybe now she'll stop talking about her bday party..haha! 

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