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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween 2014...

This Halloween, Ty was once again a Ninja Turtle..but Leonardo this time, Hanna was a mermaid and Claire was Raggedy Ann.

We had a full week of festivities that started a week before at the Fire Station that had a big carnival type thing. The kids had a blast and it really was a great activities! 

Then Thursday, the kids had their pumpkin parade and halloween parties at school....
Followed by trick or treating at Daddy's (new) office...where they racked up a TON of candy...that I later placed on our front door. hehe! Don't worry, we still have a TON left.

Friday, on actual Halloween, a little group in our neighborhood had a hot dog cookout and then went trick or treating, door to door. That was so much fun...we have an awesome neighborhood. However, not too many are home on halloween (b/c they are out trick or treating with their kids) but nevertheless, our kids, once again, got a good amount of candy. 
Once the sun went down and we made our way home, Ty and Hanna passed out candy until claire was asleep then we turned our porch light off...and me, ty and hanna went to my parents to trick or treat....and since my parents neighborhood gets lots of trick or treaters, Ty and Hanna got to pass out more treats! They love that! and they went to a couple of "scary" houses as well. haha!

It was a fun year since Ty was really into it and so was hanna. Ty rode his scooter and was off...i tried my best to keep up. Hanna wore her (un-matching) princess shoes the whole time! haha! and claire just relaxed in the stroller. It was a cold night so, made it even more perfect..however, Ty's shirt he had on underneath his costume was soaked once we got hot natured kid! 

We still have soooo much candy...mainly, b/c if it's out of sight, out of, kids kind of forget about, we've been so busy haven't had time to eat it..(except mommy and daddy..hehe).  I prefer chocolate so I tried to teach ty which ones to go for...but hanna always chose the "pretty ones" the pink and purple wrappers! haha! 

Pumpkin parade at little raggedy ann..Claire spied me from a mile away, and then put her arms up for me to hold her...and then kept looking back at me as she was pushed down the isle..haha...almost made me go get her...almost!  haha.

and our little mermaid. Hanna wanted to be a mermaid since this summer...and I kept trying to persuade her to be a princess that was in her closet...but, I never was able to convince her and I started to feel bad as this is the first year she actually wanted to be I ordered her the mermaid costume and she wore it.all.the.time. So, I was so glad she liked it! :)

and my handsome ninja turtle..

Class parties..

infant class doesn't get to party, so they were all at the window trying to see what was going on...and claire was soooo excited to see us when we got her...I typically pick her up first, so to have both her sibs with me made it extra special!

Off to daddy's work trick or treat...with their sweet friends...

Claire figured it out real quick! haha.

Friday night at the neighbors...

and they are off..

Fire Station fun...

Ty won the cupcake walk...he was sooooo excited.

I was in charge of drinks for their classes...

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