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Friday, October 31, 2014

Scrappers Tball...

Another season of Tball in the books...
Ty played fall ball this year and had a great's amazing how much he matured from last spring season..he truly understands the game this season. 
And was sooooo excited when he would get a few players out...or make his way home and have the stands cheer for him..(maybe his favorite part)...haha! 
As always I enjoy cheering him on and being his #1 fan! 
#7 on the field but #1 in my heart! :)

and Travis was the head coach this year and did a fantastic job. Always makes you feel good when parents request to be on your team next season! He did a great job of making each kid feel special and root them on..but teaching at the same time. And trust me, herding 13 4-5 year olds is not an easy task. He had some great help...which makes it easier! 

Very proud of both of them!

Of course his other cheerleaders!!!!

 Grandpa and mom-mom always in attendance...and ty always called his granddaddy after the games too..

scrappers fall tball 2014

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