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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pumpkin Patch...

A local church, St. Luke's, hosts a pumpkin patch every year. Last year, since Claire was just born, we missed it...(b/c I wanted a pic of all 3)...but this year, we were on top of it and made it the first day they opened (thanks to a friend who let us in on the scoop). 
I wanted to go while B&S were, we all piled with hopes of getting a good group shot...well, that didn't happen...especially since the wind was howling..but, we tried..and they had fun running around, trying to pick up the biggest pumpkins and putting their faces in all the cut-outs! Glad we were the only ones they could do that! 

do you spy 5 little faces?????
B&S up top, hanna and claire bottom left and Ty bottom right! hahaha.

So blessed that these 5 love each other but Hanna adores "my brady"....they have a sweet little bond!

remember that group shot I was hoping to it is! haha.

Love these 3 to pieces!

and these 2...

this pic sums up their personalities so well....they are all so different..but that's what makes the world go round!

My handsome little fella!

                               my theatrical little girl..                and my sweet as pumpkin pie, baby girl..

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