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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Playa Mujeres 6 Anniversary Trip...

What a wonderful 6 year anny trip we had. Such a lovely time enjoying each other without any interrupted conversations. It was fabulous. 
The Excellence resort was Amazing and we will definitely want to go back...soon! :)

We were suppose to leave tuesday at 9...but, once we got to the airport to check in we learned our flight was cancelled...WWWHHATT???  so, after a little headache and rescheduled flights....we went back home for a couple of hours and left Midland at 1. Although we arrived in cancun 4 hours later than initially planned...we were grateful to just be there. 
We got our shuttle and drove about 25-30 minutes to the Resort where we were greeted with Champagne and given a little tour of the resort...and then introduced to our room! They had banners on your door showing your special trip (i.e. happy honeymoon or anniversary)..
We scoped it out a little but then went to dinner. There are 9 restaurants in the resort all which require a nice dress code...since we didn't want to get changed..we just went to one of the casual restaurants that sat on top of the pool with the ocean view. 

We initially had a swim-up room...and it was great that night. But the next morning, Travis went to pull the curtains back and was greeted with a friendly staff member who held his arm up high and said a big, cheerful, "hola." Travis was a little caught of guard, rose his hand a little, said, "hi" and then slowly shut the curtains...hahaha...he was a little embarrassed standing there in his undies being greeted by workers! So...although it was an amazing room with our own personal service guy..we decided to change rooms..

They had nightly entertainment in the outdoor theater. This night it was mexican themed...

the next morning we couldn't wait to get on the beach...of course, when we book our trip it is overcast with a few showers..but that didn't stop us from enjoying the atmosphere..

We hit the breakfast buffet the first morning...but the ordered room service the rest of the mornings...

With all the hustle of getting our kids and everything situated..I totally forgot to pack sunscreen for us..or really anything for the beach, besides our suits..haha...thank goodness for hotel shops and their overpriced merchandise....$40 sunscreen later we were ready to hit the beach. haha.

I've always wanted to try paddle, i was able to scratch that off my list. I loved it..definitely an arm workout paddling against the wind..but it was so enjoyable. 

They had a little eating area on the beach for those who had wet swimsuits or didn't want to put your coverup on and go to the lunch restaurants. We hit this up one day...where they had a variety of food.

They make the resort so romantic, indoor and outdoor. We stuck to lounge chairs...but these looked mighty comfy.

This was a view from our new roof-top terrace room....spectacular.
We had our main room and balcony and then there was a staircase in the room that went up to the "roof-top" where you had your own personal pool, lounge chairs and lounge bed, complete with an outdoor shower. It was amazing...and there was no more concern of opening our curtains and seeing random people. haha.

Off to dinner..

They had a common area in the middle of the resort that hosted a huge bar with lots of tables and people would gather here before our after dinner to listen to the nightly live music and then meander over to the theater that was connected for the entertainment. 

Wednesday, we had our scheduled "anniversary breakfast" brought to us...

so, we sat on our balcony and enjoyed our breakfast and view...before we walked over to the Spa area...for our couple massage, on the beach.

The Spa treatment was AMAZING! Absolutely hour before our massage, we went through a hot-cold treatment, we started in the steam room, then went through a series of hot and cold showers and ended in the was fabulous..and the best part you got to do it as a couple.
After the sauna we were sent to the pool where we dipped in a cold pool and then a hot pool...and afterwards went to a big pool that had little inlets that had different, we stood in one, laid in one, etc, etc and the jets hit different parts of your a little jetted massage! Felt amazing.

Then it was time to walk to the beach....and yes, like this, through the resort..  haha.

We were a little nervous as to how it would go, since clearly, from our swim-up room situation, we like our privacy...but, we decided to go with it..b/c we can get massages in rooms anytime but getting one on the beach is not as easy....and we are glad we stuck with it. We each had little paper "swimsuits." under our robes to help with the modesty...b/c although it was a remote area..people could still see you. But, that didn't phase us...all we heard was God's sound machine..the sound of the waves, palm trees blowing, birds chirping and the breeze was amazing. Sooo glad we did that.

Once our massage was over we were treated with a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered, we were able to enjoy our treats and the view and of course, each other. Marvelous experience.

This was one of Travis' favorite bars..not for the drinks but for the... PIZZA! They were delicious.

He finally decided his knee could handle a paddle board and we ventured out together...

and then back to the beach...

can't believe it has been 6 years with this handsome devil....

My kind of vacation right here..
We had decided that this was just going to be a relaxing that's what we did...relaxed on the beach.

We really never got into the pool but decided to check out the swim up of the 11 bars!

Micheal Jackson impersonator came that night...but we only caught the last b/c where were we???? Watching the Tech game in the sports bar. haha! Travis woke up that morning calling trying to find out where he could watch the game. Since they only had 1 TV, in the "sports bar" he was told if nobody showed up to watch the Giants game for 30 minutes they would switch the, he waited patiently...and finally at 30 minutes they changed the game! haha! 
Ironically, there was an OSU fan there as well who wanted to watch the game, so the 2 of them watched the game...and when people finally came up to see the Giants game, they were all wondering why that game wasn't on..and Travis and the other guy would explain to them the situation..haha.
They basically only wanted to know the score, we kept our eyes open for the ticker and would update them. haha.

Friday morning it stormed pretty, while travis watched a movie, I read on the balcony...

and a short while later it was absolutely gorgeous! Finally, some great sun! and finally able to use our treasured sunscreen! haha.

after hours and hours on the beach soaking up rays...we decided to head back to our room to enjoy the roof top.

My handsome Costa model..haha
He definitely keeps me laughing.

Our last night on the town and we decided to just eat a little from each place we hadn't visited...that's what All-inclusive is about, right?

started with a little coffee drink to kick-start our night...

then went to asia and enjoyed sushi appetizers...

we were going to head to France and enjoy their food...but it was a 45 minute, we declined and headed back to mexico...for their mexican themed buffet...IT WAS HUGE!! so much food...we were already stuffed...and this just made us almost miserable...

so we walked around for a bit enjoying the beach and stars...

then back for the show..funny story..
So, when the lead singer for the mariachi band came out, travis said, "Homeboy's zipper is down." and sure enough, unfortunately for him, it was true. With the white shirts and black pants there was no denying his zipper was down. Apparently, someone in the audience let him know and he got this huge grin on his face, turned around while laughing and zipped it up...and the whole left side of the band was cracking up at him was so funny! Might have been the best part of the show! haha.

Of course, the day we left it was gorgeous...or at least started that way. It had poured around 5am or when we woke up, it was beautiful. We went and had breakfast, checked out and then headed back to the airport.

We didn't want to leave but were soooo ready to get home to our babies. 
We will definitely go back..soon! We loved it! 
Thanks to Gamy and Granddaddy for watching our Munchins while we could have a little alone time! :)

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