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Friday, October 17, 2014

Mommy-Ty Day...

I've said it before and I'll say it again....I HAVE THE SWEETEST LITTLE BOY! 
Like any mom, the love you have for your kids is indescribable...I could hug and kiss him sometimes I do! hehe! 
And some of my favorite days are our "Mommy and Ty" days.
I always try to have one on one days with each kid...and it's always a fun-filled day!

Ty had to go to the orthopedic dr (his bones are perfect and healthy), we made it a mommy-ty day! Although, he was super sad he was going to miss school and asked me to tell his teachers to not do anything fun while he was gone. haha. He loves school.
(side note...our MDO director texted me asking about Ty, so after I told her what was going on and what he had told me, when we went to pick the girls up she said, "Ty, we missed you today and your class didn't do anything fun." His face lit too funny! We love our MDO staff/program.

his appt was first thing in the after we dropped the girls off at MDO we headed there..he did great and I we were both glad to hear his bones were great...just flat footed. :)

Since it was a gorgeous day...Ty chose to go we went to the driving range and he hit a bucket of balls...then it was time to head to lunch...

chick-fil-a is always the favorite choice...

My handsome lunch date...

Later that night as I was doing a few things for a little neighborhood baby shower at my house, Ty used my tools and made me the most Gorgeous necklace.ever.
It says, "This is my mommy necklace" with a stick figure of mommy and ty! 
He was soooo proud and of course, I teared up and will always keep it!
Later I even got a bracelet to match. 
He's just the sweetest, most thoughtful little guy with a heart of gold. and pretty crafty..haha (so proud..haha).

Before bed we all had cuddle favorite! 
(yes, hanna is back in her mermaid costume). 

Babies are all blessings and I thank God every night for my 3.
This was Ty's prayer that night...
"Dear God, thank you for this wonderful day. Thank you for letting it be a mommy-ty day. Thank you for my bones being healthy. Please keep my daddy safe on the airplane. Thank you for mommy, daddy, hanna and claire. Amen." 

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