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Monday, October 6, 2014

Claire is 11 months...

How can it be that our little baby girl is 11 months old...which means...just a month shy of 1...aaahhhh! It has gone by waaayyy toooooo faasstt! 

Although I am slightly sad of her age, Claire enjoys her new found independence...
She is officially on formula and is taking bottles again like a champ. Not going to lie, I was a little saddened to stop nursing but the fact that she can feed herself (hold her own bottle), sleeps later (woohoo) and that I don't have to be cognisant of what to wear for nursing purposes...are all pros! :) but, I will miss our little time together. 

She still loves her table food and although she still eats pretty much everything I have found she kinda shys away from carrots. 

Still not officially walking but once she gets her confidence, she'll take off. She had a couple of spills trying and thought that wasn't too, she's a little cautious now.  She walks with any walking toy and with any hand/finger..but she insists of having 2 hands..not just one. haha! she will put her hand up and look at you until you offer both hands..silly girl. 
She does climb on anything that she can..sometimes her little legs don't allow her to but she always finds a way! ha!
She is my only child that likes to go upstairs and play by herself..haha! she has those stairs down and I think enjoys her alone time I just let her play! ha!

I am not sure of her weight but I know she is getting bigger...I think she is finally plumping up! yay! 
Still has her 6 teeth but working on getting a couple more and they are not being kind to her.

On her 11 month celebration she was actually running a 101 fever (thanks to those pesky teeth) she really felt like this...but was able to get a few smiles. 

She really is the happiest baby and loves to smile. 

Loves to play peek a boo and sing, "If you are happy and you know it."
waves bye-bye and hi. 

Happy 11 months, Claire Bear.

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